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Trial Deck 5: Ninja Onslaught

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Trial Deck 5: Ninja Onslaught: 22 cards
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TD05-0001 Noble Ninja, Momochitanba Monster  search
TD05-0001r Noble Ninja, Momochitanba Monster  RR  search
TD05-0002 Lethal Sword Ninja, Zantetsu Monster  search
TD05-0003 Wandering Ninja, Tobikato Monster  search
TD05-0004 Agent Ninja, Linzo Monster  search
TD05-0005 Tsukikage, Blademaster Mode Monster  search
TD05-0005r Tsukikage, Blademaster Mode Monster  RR  search
TD05-0006 Electro Ninja, Electric Teru Monster  search
TD05-0007 Stealth Ninja, Kirikakure Saizo Monster  search
TD05-0008 Accelerate Ninja, Hayate Monster  search
TD05-0009 Demon Way, Geppakugiri Spell  search
TD05-0010 Demon Way, Noroihikagami Spell  search
TD05-0011 Shooting Cross Knives, Right-hand Spell  search
TD05-0012 Ninja Arts, Steel Ball Spell  search
TD05-0013 Clear Serenity Spell  search
TD05-0014 Art of Item Blasting Spell  search
TD05-0015 Art of Body Replacement Spell  search
TD05-0016 Ninja Blade, Kurogachi Item  search
TD05-0017 Secret Sword, Lethal Formation Impact  RR  search
TD05-0018 Secret Sword, Shooting Star Impact  search
TD05-0019 Secret Sword, Moon Fang Impact  search
TD05-0020 Katana World (card) Flag  search
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