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Booster 13: Wind of Change

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Booster 13: Wind of Change: 109 cards
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B13-040 Connect Shoot Event  UC  search
B13-079 Crest Call Event  search
B13-039 Dream of Butterfly Event  UC  search
B13-020 Flamme Acceleration Event  UC  search
B13-019 Fury of the Demon Princess Event  search
B13-059 Grow Up! Event  UC  search
B13-060 Miracle Salvation Event  search
B13-100 Nature's Face Event  search
B13-099 Roses Induction Event  search
B13-080 Sanguine Feast Event  search
B13-107 Blue Dragon Miko, Yui Player  CVR  search
B13-108 Izumo Miyakonojo Player  IGR  search
B13-109 Nanao Shishishima Player  IGR  search
B13-106 Red Dragon Miko, Meiraru Player  CVR  search
B13-016 Adverse Osumilite, Sugilite Gorilla Z/X  UC  search
B13-101 Akatsuki Jutten - Matul Jurf Z/X  Z/XR  search
B13-018 Ancient Night Shade, Nue Z/X  SR  search
B13-103 Angel of the End, Sandalphon Z/X  Z/XR  search
B13-052 Aout the August Z/X  search
B13-098 Army Breaker of Light and Flame, Rindou Z/X  SR  search
B13-078 Assault from Darkness, Anfang Z/X  SR  search
B13-034 Autonomous Mobile Machine, Expilot Z/X  search
B13-004 Ballista Craftsman, Ballista Z/X  UC  search
B13-088 Beastman, Were-Anteater Z/X  search
B13-021 Bisection Machine, Bisection Z/X  UC  search
B13-076 Blade Rythm, Pendulum Z/X  UC  search
B13-032 Blindfire Machine, Mass Shooting Z/X  search
B13-029 Blue Falcon, Indium Z/X  search
B13-061 Bone Whale Z/X  search
B13-067 Burning Flame, Niederbrennt Z/X  UC  search
B13-010 Centaur Sage, Chiron Z/X  search
B13-048 Chouchou the Favorite Z/X  UC  search
B13-104 Dark Flame of Ire, Ira Z/X  Z/XR  search
B13-012 Dazzling Fire Agate, Menou Pelican Z/X  UC  search
B13-077 Devil of Alchemy, Alchemia Z/X  search
B13-068 Devil of Foresight, Provisi Z/X  search
B13-075 Devil of Passion, Passioni Z/X  UC  search
B13-072 Devil of Perish, Peribi Z/X  search
B13-063 Devil of Rite, Ritus Z/X  search
B13-055 Diligent Cat Knight, Turkish Z/X  SR  search
B13-003 Diligent Moon God, Tsukuyomi Z/X  search
B13-041 Don of the Underworld, Bambino Z/X  UC  search
B13-028 Dream Sonata, Nicanor Z/X  search
B13-097 Dreamy Savory Z/X  UC  search
B13-082 Elaborate Hammer, Rukousou Z/X  search
B13-050 Evilbane, Huascaran Z/X  search
B13-047 Evilbane, Pumori Z/X  search
B13-030 Exahammer, Phi Z/X  search
B13-085 Festival Guy, Dill Z/X  search
B13-105 Five Chiefs - Heavenly Ear Ruffian, Guile Task Z/X  Z/XR  search
B13-015 Freight Transport, Camion Z/X  search
B13-025 Historic Ruins Union, Dysprosium Z/X  search
B13-049 Holy Beast, Aura Apis Z/X  search
B13-054 Holy Beast, Aura Buraq Z/X  search
B13-058 Holy Beast, Aura Elephant Z/X  search
B13-043 Holy Beast, Aura Meretseger Z/X  search
B13-027 Homing Missile, Murzim Z/X  search
B13-056 Honneur the Honor Z/X  search
B13-022 Joyful String Performer, Marianne Z/X  search
B13-036 Large Bore, Australis Z/X  search
B13-057 Lawbringer, Kailash Z/X  UC  search
B13-096 Leaping O-Naginata, Murasakigoten Z/X  UC  search
B13-094 Lively Wolf Girl, Were-Dhole Z/X  search
B13-006 Lovely Jade, Jade Ocelot Z/X  search
B13-087 Magnificent Princess, Burnet Z/X  SR  search
B13-066 Maiden of Disappointment, Tiseta Z/X  search
B13-013 Midgard Serpent, Jormungand Z/X  search
B13-086 Mimicry Insect, Satsuki Phasma Z/X  search
B13-090 Mountain Climbing Enthusiast, Kourin Z/X  UC  search
B13-073 Moving Fort, Briareus Z/X  search
B13-037 Original XIII Type.VIII "Lw19Ve" Z/X  SR  search
B13-095 Phantom Grass, Papilio Marquee Z/X  search
B13-093 Playing Birdman, Were-Canary Z/X  search
B13-001 Poet Knight, Tannhauser Z/X  search
B13-071 Poison Smoke Incense, Toxic Fume Z/X  search
B13-007 Queen of Plains, Calamity Jane Z/X  search
B13-062 Raging Skink, Bogen Z/X  UC  search
B13-081 Rainbow Colored Camelia, Brown Cicada Z/X  UC  search
B13-084 Relaxed Beastman, Were-Elk Z/X  UC  search
B13-044 Resurrection the Revival Z/X  search
B13-083 Saijutsu Using Inner Guard, Himeichige Z/X  search
B13-005 Scarlet Gem Dragon, Garnet Megalo Z/X  UC  search
B13-074 Shadow That Cover the Darkness, Darkness Shadow Z/X  UC  search
B13-051 Shining Sniper, Meili Shan Z/X  UC  search
B13-069 Shouting Ring Announcer Z/X  UC  search
B13-017 Snake Tyrant, Zahhak Z/X  UC  search
B13-009 Spinner of Tales, Scheherazade Z/X  SR  search
B13-053 Splendeur the Splendor Z/X  search
B13-070 Steady Servia Z/X  SR  search
B13-046 Storm Newscaster, Mist Z/X  search
B13-033 Summer Performer, Alto Z/X  search
B13-035 Superdreadnought Aircraft Carrier, Vanadium Z/X  UC  search
B13-064 Supervoltage Plug, Elekiller Z/X  UC  search
B13-038 Sweeping Mechanical Soldier, Penetrate Z/X  SR  search
B13-091 Sweet Tooth, Were-Fennec Z/X  search
B13-065 Sword Armor, Rustung Z/X  search
B13-045 Three Star Chef, Cornish Z/X  UC  search
B13-014 Thunderclap Alligator, Amber Alligator Z/X  search
B13-089 Tranquil Oak Staff, Hisuikazura Z/X  search
B13-031 Transformed Electromagnetic Mirror, Rutherfordium Z/X  search
B13-023 Transformed Soccer, Mendelevium Z/X  search
B13-092 Tropical East, Pentahorn Z/X  UC  search
B13-026 Tuning, Giovannini Z/X  UC  search
B13-011 Wave-Blade Craftsman, Flamberge Z/X  UC  search
B13-042 Will That Thwarts Villainy, K2 Z/X  SR  search
B13-002 Wind Devil, Sylphid Z/X  search
B13-008 Wireless Operator, Radio Z/X  search
B13-102 XI Flags, Claudia Z/X  Z/XR  search
B13-024 Zweihander, Alphecca Z/X  UC  search
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