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These are the cards of Future Card Buddyfight that the user firelord has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
D-TD03 D-TD03-0017 Abygale "Lost Horizon!"  Impact Monster C 1 English  
BT04 BT04-0044 Arcana Flash  Spell R 1 English  
BT04 BT04-0027 Armored Dragon, Cuelebre  Monster R 1 English  
HBT04 HBT04-0027 Armorknight Dragon "Earthshaker"  Monster R 1 English  
HBT04 HBT04-0028 Armorknight Noise Bat  Monster R 1 English  
BT01 BT01-0039 Armorknight Succubus  Monster R 1 English  
TD07 TD07-0017 Asmodai Eternal Rolling Back-drop!  Impact C 1 English  
BT03 BT03-0025 Awl Pike Dragon  Monster R 1 English  
BT03 BT03-0012 Barbarish Anger-!  Impact RR 1 English  
HBT03 HBT03-0073 Basilisk Slime  Monster U 1 English  
HBT04 HBT04-0107 Battle Deity Robo Rifle, Varian  Item C 1 English  
HBT04 HBT04-0105 Battle Deity Robo, Stone General  Monster C 1 English  
HEB02 HEB02-0022 Bird Deity, Sabird  Monster R 1 English  
D-BT02 D-BT02-0054 Blade Beast of Exorcism, Juzumaru Tsunetsugu  Monster U 1 English  
D-BT01 D-BT01-0023 Blazehorn Dragon  Monster R 1 English  
HBT04 HBT04-0050 Bloody Chainsaw Dragon  Monster U 1 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0055EN Bronze Giant, Talos  Monster U 1 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0034EN Buddy Police, Decker Drum  Monster R 1 English  
HBT03 HBT03-0122 Buddy Remodel  Spell C 1 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0020EN Buddy Sword  Item RR 1 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0021EN Crimson Battler, Drum Bunker Dragon  Monster R 1 English  
Promo PR-0152 Crimson Battler, Ignited Dragon  Monster P 2 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0024EN Crimson Fist, Dragoblaze  Item R 2 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0024EN Crimson Fist, Dragoblaze  Item R 1 English  
D-EB01 D-EB01-0060 Damage Control  Spell U 1 English  
D-BT01 D-BT01-0110 Death Ruler, Blind  Monster C 1 English  
BT04 BT04-0065 Death Ruler, Executei  Monster U 1 English  
D-BT02 D-BT02-0041 Death Wizard Dragon  Monster R 1 English  
D-BT01 D-BT01-0031 Deceiving Shax  Monster R 1 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0013EN Dekalfar Demon Swordsman, Heim  Monster RR 1 English  
HBT04 HBT04-0013 Demon Slay Come Forth  Spell RR 1 English  
HBT02 HBT02-0032 Demonic Descend Ninja, Zeon  Monster R 1 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0028EN Demonic Fairy Dragon, Sorciere  Monster R 1 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0070EN Disasquake Dragon  Monster C 1 English  
HBT03 HBT03-0014 DJ of Graveyard, Bune  Monster RR 1 English  
BT01 BT01-0040 Double Guillotine  Spell R 1 English  
HBT03 HBT03-0010 Double Squeek Hammer Dragon  Monster RR 1 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0023EN Dragodefense  Spell R 1 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0032EN Dragon Extermination Knight, Siegfried  Monster R 1 English  
HBT03 HBT03-0040 Dragon Guardian of the Sanctuary, Lumiere  Monster R 1 English  
HBT03 HBT03-0086 Dragon Knight, Enrique  Monster C 1 English  
H-BT01 HBT01-0022 Dragon Knight, Shohashou  Monster R 2 English  
HBT04 HBT04-0026 Dragon Lance, Stronghorn  Item R 1 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0108EN Dragon Return System  Spell R 2 English  
HEB01 HEB01-0013 Dragon Secret Arts, Dragonic Resurrection  Impact R 1 English  
HEB01 HEB01-0022 Dragon's Life and Death, Future and Past!  Impact R 1 English  
HEB01 HEB01-0022 Dragon's Life and Death, Future and Past!  Impact R 1 English  
BT01 BT01-0025 Dragon's Seal  Spell R 1 English  
HBT04 HBT04-0082 Dragonic Fierce-fight  Spell C 1 English  
H-BT01EN HBT01-0076EN Dragonic Repair Weapon  Spell C 1 English  

Cards 1 to 50 of 92 - Pages:     [1] 2     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
BT01 Booster Set 1: Dragon Chief
BT02 Booster Set 2: Cyber Ninja Squad
BT03 Booster Set 3: Drum's Adventures
BT04 Booster Set 4: Darkness Fable
BT05 Booster Set 5: Break to the Future
CP01 Character Pack 1: Burning Valor
CR Manga Limit Trial Deck Vol.1
D-BT01 D Booster Set 1: Unleash! Impact Dragon!!
D-BT02 D Booster Set 2: Roar! Invincible Dragon!!
D-BT03 D Booster Set 3: Annihilate! Great Demonic Dragon!!
D-BT04 D Booster Set 4: Shine! Super Sun Dragon!!
D-CBT D Climax Booster: Dragon Fighters
D-EB01 D Extra Booster 1: Buddyfight Collection
D-EB02 D Extra Booster 2: Super Hero's Great War Z
D-EB03 D Extra Booster 3: Heaven & Hell
D-SD01 D Trial Deck 1: Scorching Sun Dragon
D-SS01 D Special Series 1: Neo Dragonic Force & Wings of Demise
D-SS02 D Special Series 2: Dual Start Deck, Guidepost Genesis & Cosmo Elimination
D-SS03 D Special Series 3: Golden Buddy Champion Box
D-TD01 D Trial Deck 1: Dragon Emperor of the Colossal Ocean
D-TD02 D Trial Deck 2: Cross Dragoner
D-TD03 D Trial Deck 3: Hollow Black Dragon
EB01 Extra Booster 1: Immortal Entities
EB02 Extra Booster 2: Great Clash!! Dragon VS Danger
H-BT01 H Booster Set 1: Giga Future
H-BT01EN H Booster Set 1: Neo Enforcer ver.E
H-SD01 H Trial Deck 1: Crimson Fist
HBT02 H Booster Set 2: Galaxy Burst
HBT03 H Booster Set 3: Assault of the Omni Lords
HBT04 H Booster Set 4: Mikado Evolution
HEB01 H Extra Booster 1: Miracle Impack!
HEB02 H Extra Booster 2: Shadow VS Hero
HEB03 H Extra Booster 3: Lord of Hundred Thunders
HEB04 H Extra Booster 4: Buddy Allstars+
HPP01 H Perfect Pack 1: Terror of the Inverse Omni Lords
HSD02 H Trial Deck 2: Radiant Force
HSS01 H Special Series 1: Super Strong!! Buddy Rare Triple Deck
HTD01 H Trial Deck 3: Dragonic Star
HTD02 H Trial Deck 4: Malicious Demons
IS01 Introductory Set 1: Dragon World
PP01 Golden Buddy Pack ver.E
Promo Promotional Cards
S-BT01 S Booster Set 1: Gargantua Awakened
S-SD01 S Start Deck 1: Dradeity
S-SD02 S Start Deck 2: Triangulum Galaxy
S-SD03 S Start Deck 3: Spiral Linkdragon Order
SS01 Special Series 1: Super Strong!! Buddy Rare Double Deck
TD01 Trial Deck 1: Dominant Dragons
TD02 Trial Deck 2: Savage Steel
TD03 Trial Deck 3: Dragonic Force
TD04 Trial Deck 4: Braves Explosion
TD05 Trial Deck 5: Ninja Onslaught
TD06 Trial Deck 6: Dark Pulse
TD07 Trial Deck 7: Tomorrow! Asmodai
X-BT01 X Booster Set 1: The Dark Lord's Rebirth
X-BT02 X Booster Set 2: Chaos Control Crisis
X-BT03 X Booster Set 3: Overturn! Thunder Empire!
X-BT04 X Booster Set 4: Rainbow Striker
X-CBT01 X Climax Booster 1: Strongest Batzz Awakened ~Red Thunder Emperor~
X-CBT02 X Climax Booster 2: Worst Batzz Awakened ~Black Autodeity~
X-CP01 X Character Pack 1: Extreme!! 100 Yen Dragon
X-CP02 X Character Pack 2: Excessive!! 100 Yen Star Dragon
X-CP03 X Character Pack 3: Alright!! 100 Yen Darkness Dragon
X-SD01 X Start Deck 1: Demon Lord Dragon of Tempest
X-SD02 X Start Deck 2: Dragon Fielder
X-SP01 X Supply Set: Kyoya Forever
X-SS01 X Special Series 1: Super Dragon Fifth Omni Formation VS Hundred Thunder Demons
X-SS02 X Special Series 2: Radiant Evolution VS Purgatory Knights Conviction
X-SS03 X Special Series 3: 5 WORLD BUILD MASTERS
X-SS04 X Special Series 4: X Duel Chest
X-TD01 X Trial Deck 1: Decimating Black Dragon
X-TD02 X Trial Deck 2: Ruler of Havoc
X-TD03 X Trial Deck 3: Thunderous Warlords Alliance
X-UB01 X Ultimate Booster 1: Buddy Quest Monsters ~Adventurer VS Demon Lord~
X-UB02 X Ultimate Booster 2: Hero's Great War NEW GENERATIONS
X-UB03 X Ultimate Booster 3: Complete Chaos
X2-BT01 X2 Booster Set 1: Buddy Legends
X2-SP X2 Special Pack: Final Chief
X2-SS01 X2 Special Series 1: Bullets of the Sun VS World Of Demise