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Knowing Your Tribe: Overworld

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Subject: Knowing Your Tribe: Overworld   PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:29 pm Reply with quote

This is a tribal guide for new Chaotic players to learn how to effectively play their favorite Tribe. Modeled after Occasus' "Tribal Wheel 3.0", you can learn the basics of your Tribe along with different playstyles and possibly sample decks.

This thread is a guide to the Overworld Tribe.

Primary Element(s):
Primary Discipline(s):
Tribe-Exclusive Types:

Seven Key Points of this Tribe

Most Versatile
The Overworld may be the most spread out Tribe in their various strengths. They excel at more than just their main elements and disciplines, have the widest range of abilities, and you can probably find an Overworld card for any problem you can think of. This makes them the best at being able to work through any adverse situations they encounter, as well as the most compatable for mixing Tribes.

Survival to the Max
No one in Perim can compete with the Overworld when it comes to healing. Fighting an Overworlder often means having to go through the painful process of them regenerating after your best strikes. They can do this not only from their Mugic, but from Creature abilities like Hune Paltanin and Donmar, Tablet Translator. Being Overworld is to have the power and the drive to outlast your opponent at all costs.

Mugic Ability
Of all the Tribes, your Creatures have the highest innate number Mugic counters around. The only ones who can keep on par with that are fluidmorphers and the other High Muges. This lets you be able to cast virtually whatever you want with counters to spare for activated abilities. Moreover, you have the greatest ability to shut down the casting of your opponent.

Defenders at Heart
You have the best defensive capability around. Not only do you have the most unrestricted defenders of any Tribe, but your abilities are naturally angled to a defensive approach. Cards like Viqtarr and Lomma, Desert Wanderer even have the power to reduce incoming damage.

Overcoming Weak Points
Sometimes you may find that you have a certain point that your Creatures are sub-par in. But you can easily buff specific areas to help your armies along. Okaxor is a prime example of this with his ability to push a Creature's disciplines as you see fit.

Support Creatures work their way into almost every Master's deck, and the Overworld is no exception. Your support is diligent at keeping your fighters alive and supplying the power you need to win. These support Creatures have a wide range of abilities that can be the very determining factors for victory. When playing against an Overworlder, it's not the ones up front you need to worry about; it's the ones in the back.

Reusing Abilities
Not even the Danians hold a candle to your knack for reusing abilities and Mugic. Cards like Mugic Reprise and Castle Bodhran work in your favor to return your spent Mugic cards, and you have ways of piling counters onto Creatures like Drabe and Garv for repeated use.

Core Strategies

Simply put, you keep enough healing and energy gain going that you can just outlast your opponent. You can go either elemental or disciplinary with your choice of Attacks, but healing, gaining, and damage reduction are what will win you the game, so make sure you can put out.

Arrthoa Check
Using Arrthoa, Captain of the Ezoa and an army of water users, your fighters will be able to pull off Stat Checks on the Attacks they play where they previously couldn't. You'll mostly want newer checks like Traditionalist's Charge and Synaptic Acceleration along with bigger classics like Megaroar. Lord Van Bloot and The Swartbron will cancel your strategy out if your Creatures are cowards, so be sure to always keep your courage high.

A little known and underused strategy that uses a low-energy Creature (often with Kha'rall Husk Armor) and Melody of the Meek to turn them into a powerful fighter. It's recommended that you run Mugic renewal and have a good fallback plan because of the Rule of Two.

Defensive Burn
While Overworlders don't seem like they have the heart to use destructive Mugic, cards like Akkrean and Song of the Dyad can cut that cliche short. Rhyme of the Reckless can be an excellent choice for this style, but be sure to have healing to make sure the opponent doesn't bring you down with them. You can also find ways to cast Underworld Mugic for even more burning power.

The Overworld can be surprisingly good at manipulating what happens on and off of the battleboard. Song of Stasis prevents fighters and jumpers from moving, Garv and Olkiex can flip Battlegear, you have ways of reordering Attacks and Locations, and Vlar robs the opponent outright. An Overworld control deck may not feel Overworld, but can take enemies by surprise and work to unusual success.

Locations for You
Bodal's Arsenal
Castle Bodhran
Castle Pillar
Cordac Falls
Fear Valley
Graalorn Forest
Kiru City
Kiru City Tunnels
Skeletal Springs
The Heart of the Jungle
The Rao'Pa Sahkk Chimegrid
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