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Knowing Your Tribe: Mipedian

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Subject: Knowing Your Tribe: Mipedian   PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:31 pm Reply with quote

This is a tribal guide for new Chaotic players to learn how to effectively play their favorite Tribe. Modeled after Occasus' "Tribal Wheel 3.0", you can learn the basics of your Tribe along with different playstyles and possibly sample decks.

This thread is a guide to the Mipedian Tribe.

Primary Element(s):
Primary Discipline(s):
Tribe-Exclusive Types:

Seven Key Points of this Tribe

Attack Power
The Underworlders may think that they can dish out the most hurt with their fire, but your Tribe is capable of throwing out insane amounts of damage. Only the Mipedians would be able to bring titans like Chaor and Aivenna to their knees in a single strike. Thanks to your invisibility and damage-buffing powers, even your weakest Attacks can make the opponent's jaw drop.

Swiftest in Perim
There is no one that can come close to your speed. Not even M'arrillians and Underworlders who specialize in speed have a prayer of catching up to you. Your Tribe has the most Creatures having their primary discipline exceed 100. You can take advantage of this by granting your army outperform to hold true to your talent for hitting where it hurts. Many of your speed Attacks also use air or earth, so element buffing can help you along.

The First Strike
Speed is the most common Location initiative in the game, and you fit right into that. Coupled with the surprise ability that your Tribe pioneered, you will find yourself getting the privilege of first strike quite often, and Mipedian strike decks can use that to destroy Creatures before they even have a chance to fight back.

Prevention is Worth more than Cure
In the words of Occasus: "If you think about it, Overworld is good at solving problems, Underworld is good at causing problems, and Mipedians are good at preventing the problems from ever happening." No other Tribe is as skilled as you at completely dodging any adverse effects and events. Cards like Melody of Mirage have become staples of Mipedian decks to cancel out even the biggest and baddest threats.

Cunning Little Lizards
Manipulation is one of your strongest qualities. Your talents of aversion and target changing, Battlegear flipping, card rearrangement, and ability removal make it easy for you to change the direction the game is going as you see fit. You could select which Attacks you want with Melodic Might, force the opponent to stomach their own strikes with Fighter's Fanfare, or prevent an undesirable Location ability with Notes of Neverwhere. Mipedian Mugic and abilities can make it so that the opponent and the game itself work exactly how you want them to.

Most Mobile
Movement is hardly an issue for you. The Mipedians have the most Creatures with range and/or swift of any Tribe, as well as the most abilities to grant it. Opponents who lack proper defense should watch out, because these desert dwellers can quickly remove any support strategy they may have planned. Some decks may have preparations to deal with one jumper; how many do you think are ready for three?

Peyton had it right when he talked about being unexpected. With the various talents of the Mipedians, it's hard for the opponent to know exactly what they're up against until they face it. Will they be strikers? Will they be warbeasts? Will there be illusions and control? Who knows? To always keep the other player guessing is what you do best.

Core Strategies

Ever since Dawn of Perim, strike has been the foundation of most Mipedian decks. You hit with a crippling Attack, then quickly finish them off if they survived the first blow. Mipedians don't have as high energy as other Tribes, so time is your enemy. Take out enemy fighters as fast as possible or things won't turn out so well for you.

Warbeast Beatdown
The Underworlders and Kha'rall may think they're tough, but even they shudder at the sight of these behemoths. Typically strong in courage, power, and speed with one or both Mipedian elements, tons of energy, and a wide range of abilities make these nightmares for most players. Always be careful though, because your titans will quickly crumble without their conjurers.

Illusion Control/Griefer
You can bend the course of a game to a point where it's not even funny. Even sorting through your Attacks with an Aerodrone or another card can turn the tide of a battle. Imagine how devastated Bladez will be when you flip down his puny little Husk Armor. Your Mipedian trickery can easily change the outcome of any situation.

This is mostly a side strategy, but it's no surprise that the Mipedians use it well. With the Bi-Mowercycle, Xelfe, and the Mipedian Cactus, you're a natural at invading enemy territory to sabotage their plans.

Passive Burn
This may not strike you as a Tribe who uses burn power, but Mipedian burn decks are among the most feared burners around. While they lack direct damage, they can give recklessness to opposing Creatures and amplify it. Taking additional healing or energy gain is recommended while you sit and watch the fireworks. Why fret over high energy if your enemy slices himself to shreds with every Attack he plays?

Locations for You
Brawler's Burrow
Broken Edge
Crystal Cave
Gloom-mire Night
Ijahni Outpost
Illusionary Lake
Iron Pillar
Mipedim Mirage
Mipedim Oasis
Mipedim Valley
Pouril Forest
Prexxor Chasm
Rao'Pa Sahkk, the Ocean with No Water
Ravanaugh Ridge
Royal Mipedian Academy of Melee Arts
Sands of the Unseen
Sha-Kree Flats
Storm Tunnel
The Darkened Dunes
The Hunter's Perimeter
The Storm Tunnel, Lingering Monsoon
Ulmar's Projection Cavern
Vidav's Refectorium
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Subject: Sample Deck   PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 4:34 am Reply with quote

Sample Deck: "Warbeast's Dagger Deck" (Link:

Author: 88Gelu (AKA archanis, CosmicChaor)

Deck Type(s): Beatdown, dagger


1. Ninren/Bodal's Dagger
2. Khorror/Ravita Flower
3. Ninren/Bodal's Dagger
4. Gaffat-ra/Gigantroper
5. Appelai/Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
6. Appelai/Weightless Energy Vessel

Location Deck:
1x Bodal's Arsenal
1x Foothold Assault Trench
1x Gigantempopolis, Chamber of the Oraklon
2x Mipedim Oasis
1x Royal Mipedian Academy of Melee Arts
2x The Rao'Pa Sahkk Chimegrid
2x Vidav's Refectorium

1x Aegis Airia
1x Armament Alteration Anthem
1x Bonding Battlesong
1x Cadence Clash
1x Song of Recovery
1x Song of Shelter

Attack Deck:
2x Aftermath Feint (0)
1x Flash Kick (1)
1x Harnessed Rage (4)
1x Power Punch (4)
1x Primal Smash (5)
1x Retaliatory Strike (8)
2x Reverberate (8)
2x Screeching Scare (8)
1x Slashclaw (13)
2x Snare Attack (13)
2x Squeeze Play (15)
1x Tornado Tackle (15)
1x Windslash (16)
2x Xenocentric Wrath (20)

Sacrifice the Mipedian Balladeer's Flute immediately when the match begins. Both Ninrens can use Range/Swift 1 to jump over the opponent's front lines. When Khorror becomes engaged, sacrifice the Ravita Flower to give two Mugic counters to one of the Conjurers. If either Appelai is attacked, Gaffat-ra will be able to defend. Use Mugic sparingly, as having Mugic counters on the Conjurers is what keeps the Warbeasts from dealing damage to themselves with Recklessness.
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