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Starter Deck Card Listings

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Subject: Starter Deck Card Listings   PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:32 am Reply with quote

Just thought maybe this would be helpful to some who either want to know what's in the starter decks or have them but forgot what cards go to a deck to rebuild it.

The first couple decks I typed out a listing myself, while the latter couple I copied from a post I found at boardgamegeek a while back while I was in the middle of typing out the list, to save time. I may go back and edit their lists to have a bit more information like I put in the ones I made. So sorry the format's a little inconsistent. There are still S rarity cards are in the first few decks, they just aren't separated out like the BGG poster chose to.


Kite Deck

Kite x1
Piros x3
Natsume x3
Gardenia x2
Benki x2
Alpha Ichigoro x3

Battle Axe x2 (earth/axe)
Water God Axe (water/axe)
Water Spear x2 (water/spear)
Lavaman Spear x1 (fire/spear)
Spark Blades x2 (fire/twin blade)
Enou x1 (fire/twin blade)
Wyrm Hide x2 (earth/armor)

Swirling Dark x1 (dark)
Data Bug x1 (wood)
Rai Repulse x1 (thunder)

Goblin x3 (earth/goblin)
Hobgoblin x3 (earth/goblin)
Metal Goblin x2 (earth/goblin)
Cannibal x2 (earth/goblin)
Goblin Wiz x3 (fire/goblin)
Magical Goblin x3 (fire/goblin)
Swordmanoid x3 (thunder/warrior)
Heavy Metal x3 (thunder/warrior)
Ochimusha x2 (thunder/warrior)
Gladiator x1 (thunder/warrior)
General Armor x2 (thunder/warrior)
IronBall Freak x1 (thunder/warrior)
Fiend Menhir x2 (thunder/idol)
Menhir x 1 (thunder/idol)

BlackRose Deck

BlackRose x 1
Hirami x 3
Mia x3
Yuji x 2
Mistral x2
Elk x3

Flamberge x2 (fire/heavy blade)
Shidan x1 (wood/heavy blade)
Rondo x2 (earth/blademaster)
Ensui x1 (water/blademaster)
Air Wand x2 (wood/wavemaster)
Adian's Rod x1 (dark/wavemaster)
Noble Cloak x3 (water/armor)

Vak Drive x1 (fire)
Gan Slash x1 (earth)
Enemy x1 (fire)

Hungry Grass x3 (wood/plant)
Mad Grass x3 (wood/plant)
Snappy Grass x2 (wood/plant)
Mushroom King x3 (wood/plant)
Scarlet King x1 (wood/plant)
Chicken Hand x3 (wood/bird)
Wood Harpy x2 (wood/bird)
Arrow Fish x2 (water/fish)
Sky Fish x3 (water/fish)
Cyclo Shark x3 (water/fish)
Scorpion Tank x3 (water/crustacean)
Squilla Demon x1 (water/crustacean)
Bee Army x2 (no element)
Phantom Wing x1 (no element)

Gardenia Deck

Gardenia x 3
Gardenia 2.0 x 1
Acerola x3
Task 2.0 x3

Electric Spear x3 (thunder/spear)
Treeman Spear x2 (wood/spear)
Cave Bear Hood x3 (wood/hat)

Virus Upload x1
Breaking In x1

Gi Rai Doom x3 (thunder)

Napylon x4 (wood/alien)
Napylon Assault x4 (wood/alien)
Napylon Invasion x3 (wood/alien)
The Visitor x4 (water/alien)
The Visitor Assault x 4 (water/alien)
Dejected x3 (fire/alien)
Dejected Assault x1 (fire/alien)
Mog Napylon x4 (dark/alien)
Conqueror x 2 (dark/alien)
Death Implant x4 (thunder/alien)
Death Implant Assault x1 (thunder/alien)

Marlo Deck

Marlo 2.0 x1
Mia x 3
BiG 2.0 x 4
John 2.0 x4

Wyrm Hide x3 (earth/armor)
Gakaku x 4 (fire/shortsword)
Dogman's Sword x 2 (dark/shortsword)

Dolorous, Promised, Clavical x 1 (thunder)

GiRue Slash x3 (water)
Gan Slash x2 (earth)

Snakoid x4 (fire/lizard)
Lead Snakoid x3 (fire/lizard)
Killer Snaker x3 (earth/lizard)
Dragon Puppy x4 (fire/drain-lizard)
Red Wyrm x4 (fire/lizard)
Brown Wyrm x4 (earth/lizard)
Glygon x4 (wood/lizard)
Hydrosaurus x4 (water/lizard)
Blue Wyrm x1 (water/lizard)
Drygon x1 (thunder/lizard)
Nigara Coven x1 (water/witch)

Sanjuro Deck

(S Rarity)
Lamia Hunter
Metal Emperor
King Snakoid

Micino (3)
Rachael (3)
Mia (2)
Alpha Ichigoro (2)
Acerola (3)

Byakuen (2)
Earthian Sword
Fugaku (2)
Dogman's Sword
Merman Spear (2)
Treeman Spear
Wyrm Hide

Vak Wipe

Snakoid (3)
Lead Snakoid (2)
Red Wyrm (3)
Lamia Fighter (3)
Killer Snaker (3)
Goblin (2)
Hobgoblin (2)
Magical Goblin (2)
Kill Gomora (3)
Downer Gomora (3)
Repth Gomora (2)

Terajima Ryoko Deck

(S Rarity)
Terajima Ryoko
Kite (S from set 1)
Let Us Walk Together
Shield Devil
Fresh Valkyrie
Armor Shogun

Crest (3)
Moonstone (3)
Wiseman (3)
Elk (2)

Earth Axe (2)
Darkness Axe
Ryokugan (2)
Cedar Wand (2)
Dark history
Noble Cloak

Gan Basher
Dark Dance
MaRue Zot

Sword of Chaos (3)
Dust Curse (3)
Disco Knife (3)
Lambada Knife (2)
Cadet Valkyrie (3)
Mummy Ripper (3)
Mad Grass (2)
Hungry Grass (2)
Magus Leaf (3)
Fiend Menhir (2)
Shield Man (2)

Elk Deck

(S Rarity)
Elk 2.0
Hackberry King
Golden Grunty
Mountain Guard

Elk (2)
Crest (3)
Nekoski 2.0 (3)
Tim 2.0 (3)

Battle Axe (2)
Diabolic Wand (2)
Fireman's Coat (3)
Midnight Axe (2)
Papillion Axe (2)

Gan Basher
MeRue Zot (2)
Setback (2)

Deadly Moth (3)
Deadly Present (2)
Fiend Menhir (2)
Fiend Menhir Gallery (2)
Hungry Grass (3)
Hungry Grass Patch (2)
Mad Grass (3)
Mad Grass Patch (3)
Mushroom King (3)
Snappy Grass (2)
Thousand Trees (3)

Mia Deck

(S Rarity)
Mia 2.0
Claw Snap
Grand Cold

Hirami (3)
John 2.0 (3)
Mia (2)
Nova 2.0 (3)

Ensui (2)
Fireman's Coat (3)
Rondo (2)
Zero Katana (3)

Gan Slash (2)
Rairaku (3)
Sudden Reversal

Acanthaster (2)
Arrow Fish (2)
Arrow Fish School (3)
Big Eyes (3)
Crab Turtle (2)
Cyclo Shark (3)
Scorpion Tank (3)
Sky Fish (3)
Sky Fish School (3)
Smiley Ray (2)
Star Eater (2
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2016 1:52 pm Reply with quote

Thanks. That saves me the effort. Helpful to those whom may have mixed cards around, or want to see official priduct contents.
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