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Variants in Primary Edition

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Subject: Variants in Primary Edition   PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:22 pm Reply with quote

Hello all, the following are variants I have/know about:

B2 Fighter Garrison
B3 Repair Station
B3 Space Station
B4 Base Station
B4 Planetary Phaser Base
B4 Research Base
R/C1 Bar Tender
C1 Confidential First Chief Executive Deputy Assistant to the..... - Ditto
C2 Ordnance Officer
C3 Nurse
C5 Communications Officer
D1 Scintillating Dragoness
D4 Comet Dragoness
E1 Shield Refit
E3 Cargo [E3]
R/E4 Anti-Tractor
E4 Heavy Phaser Refit
R/E4 Heavy Shuttlecraft
E4 Shuttle Bomb
E6 Heavy Weapon Refit [E6]
H5 EM Burst
L4 Cursed Alien Artifact
M2 Planet Gouge
M4 Space Dragon
M5 Astromorph
O2 Gold Vein
R/O3 Offensive/Defensive Electronic Warfare
O5 Forced Retreat [O5]
O5 Illness [O5]
O5 Wandering Desire [O5]
S1 Krebiz Science Capsule
S2 Independent Freighter
S2 Vektrean Frigate - Vektrean Mercenaries Frigate
S3 Bolaar Light Pirate Raider
S3 Vektrean Destroyer - Vektrean Mercenaries Destroyer
S4 Argonian Assault Carrier - Argonian Galestorm Assault Carrier
S4 Argonian Minesweeper - Argonian Sleet Minesweeper
S4 Argonian Scout Cruiser - Argonian Cumulonimbus Scout Cruiser
S4 Mechad Medium Cruiser
S4 Mechad Scout Cruiser
S4 Vektrean Light Cruiser - Vektrean Mercenaries Light Cruiser
S5 Indirigan Destroyer - Indirigan Nomads Destroyer
S5 Vektrean Heavy Cruiser - Vektrean Mercenaries Heavy Cruiser
T1 Captured Satellite
T3 Dragon Hole
T3 Planet - Sigry III
T5 Planet - Candor II
T5 Planet - Jnaphahr
T5 Small System - The Cramannerak System

On the variant version, I will underline the text that is different from the original version whenever possible. A few variant cards only differ in that the font size of the rules/effect text is larger; in this situation, the variant card will begin with "[larger font]".

If you know/have any other variants from the Primary Edition, please reply to this post or message me and include a scan/photo of the card. Thanks!
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