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Knowing Your Tribe: Underworld

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Subject: Knowing Your Tribe: Underworld   PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:30 pm Reply with quote

This is a tribal guide for new Chaotic players to learn how to effectively play their favorite Tribe. Modeled after Occasus' "Tribal Wheel 3.0", you can learn the basics of your Tribe along with different playstyles and possibly sample decks.

This thread is a guide to the Underworld Tribe.

Primary Element(s):
Primary Discipline(s):
Tribe-Exclusive Types:

Seven Key Points of this Tribe

The Simple Approach
No matter what tactic you use playing Underworld, they have a pretty basic style. This makes them possibly the most beginner friendly, but your opponent shouldn't breathe easier from that fact: easy to use definitely doesn't mean easy to beat against the Underworld.

The Roughest and Toughest
The weak don't make it far in Perim's bowels, and that's why your Tribe is as tough as tough can be. Your fighters have higher scanned energy than any other Tribe, and cards like the Burithean Axe, Drilldozer, or Evergreen Tunic can put that gap between you and your opponent even wider. Just think: the Mipedians had to conjure elemental giants just to keep up with you.

Destructive Force
Underworlders love to smash things to bits, burn the bits to ashes, then blow the ashes away to start over. No one else can compete with the sheer amount of direct damage you can put out. This often lets you be able to destroy Creatures without ever needing to engage them. You also have a knack for destroying Battlegear and lowering enemy disciplines.

Underworld fighters are flat out mean. You can use your damaging Mugic with elemental boosts or outperform to carve the other guy like a turkey. Your intimidation stops your opponent from being able to fight at their full ability. Even Kopond and Drakness can amplify your casting to overkill potential. However, that aggression does give rise to a significant flaw in your army: your Tribe lacks natural defenders. There are ways around this, but always be careful with how you play your support.

Hearts of Flame
You are undeniably the best at the fire element. Every fire Attack tailored to your Tribe and many that aren't work like magic in your hands. You have the highest capability to deal extra fire damage, which you gladly use and abuse. You're even willing to sacrifice your Battlegear to the same ends as long as it means making the opponent suffer.

Talent for Mayhem
Looking beyond the obvious damaging power you have, you are amazing at messing with your opponent. They have elements? Van Bloot laughs. They want to heal? Denying Dirge. They need disciplines? Reduce them. They try to jump over your front lines? Agitos says otherwise. They want to use Mugic? Zamool does not approve. When facing Underworlders, even the best planned strategy can crumble.

Punishing the Weak
Punishment falls more in line with Van Bloot's associates, but it's still big for your Tribe. You show no mercy. All your opponent has to do is slip up one tiny bit and that's enough for you to destroy them. Cards like Roar of the Mob and Narfall punish those who have, and Galmedar and The Magma Dam punish those who have not. There is no escape from the fury of the Underworld.

Core Strategies

This is as classic as classic can get. You heap damage onto the opponent and press on through to win the game. You can either use this to destroy their fighters and defenders or remove crucial support Creatures to make it easier coming in. You may need damage buffing or renewal in order to keep this coming, and always be careful of enemy counter-Mugic.

Often the fallback for burn decks, you get your strongest fighters, give them punishing Battlegear, and go to town smashing and blasting the enemy away. Most Creatures can't compete with your insane energy or avoid your Attacks so this style of play comes naturally to you.

Discipline Destruction
You may be good with fire, but your power, courage, and speed can't be underestimated. Outperform and stat reduction make it possible for you to ride on disciplines alone for deadly effectiveness. You may not even need your Battlegear in a deck like this, so abilities that sacrifice gear can hurt your opponent a lot more than you.

The Underworld has a surprising number of Creatures with range and/or swift. You can use this to your advantage to throw strong fighters like Takinom, the Shadowknight to march straight through enemy lines and pound their support into the ground. Pouril Forest is great for preventing the opponent from being able to protect themselves from your onslaught.

A strategy rarely used full force and almost never prepared for. An Underworld griefer deck removes disciplines, elements, and casting ability at your beck and call to cancel out any strategy your opponent wanted to use. Element removal especially throws a wrench in M'arrillian decks or any Tribe dependent on them. While the path of a griefer may be hard to plan, your Tribe can work wonders pulling it off.

Locations for You
Brawler's Burrow, Pugilist's Pit
Castle Bodhran
Castle Rathwaq
Cryomorph Barricades
Eye of the Maelstrom
Forest of Life
Gothos Tower
Grand Hall of the Muge's Summit
Illusionary Lake
Lake Ken-I-Po
Lava Pond
Pouril Forest
Prexxor Chasm, the Blight
Psi-Fanger's Shelf
Stone Pillar
The Flame Gate
The Magma Dam
The Pits
Underworld City
Underworld Colosseum
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