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The Buzz... by rcntrodriguez

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Ein Supreme Future Card Buddyfight In the discussion on the Deck "Ein Supreme" by neilroy Malaysia
rcntrodriguez Philippines
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First off, the flag is Dragon Ein, not Hundred Demons. This means, that, unless you have a Hundred Demons card with "Dragon" in its attribute, you cannot add anything else.

Second, the generic cards are ok, but stick with Dragon attribute in this one. Dragon attribute cards are those with Dragon, Dragon Knight, Armordragon, Neodragon, (Color) Dragon (be it Red, Blue, Green, etc.), Wild Dragon, Dragon Lord. Just because it's card art is a dragon, like BP Drum, or the card belongs to a Dragon type world (Darkness Dragon, Star Dragon, and Dragon) doesn't mean it's automatically a dragon attribute unit, like your fist item over there

Third and last, learn to play the game. The deck needs a lot of work
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Posted: December 1, 2015 09:33 pm
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