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Victor 2.9 Cardfight!! Vanguard In the discussion on the Deck "Victor 2.9" by spica United States
silent_tom1 Premium Member Mexico
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Hey, i was kinda curious about this new support on Viktor. So maybe this will help even if still the new support hasn't confirmed.

G3 searcher is too out to date. Running 8 g3 is enough IMO and you can still run the other 2 starters usually used.
Hand i think is very important, at least run more a 5th draw and will help to save it for big numbers with Favorite Champ. Some players still run at 6 draws.

Heavy CC use everything you have available, including claydoll mechanic. Old Fashioned but still good.
Malyaki can go out for good nothing to worry about.

Cool hank for the same, 0 resist units and hard to fin boosters. Use more Sazanda x 4 and server temper x 4, thanks to Zubat you give more stand skills to whatever unit you choose.
Abarail will go out soon i guess.

One last detail you may want to consider, the very first turn board set up will be using winning champ, every time you stand a unit you apply the skill flipping over copies so gb3 can be achieved immediately. So 4 Winning Champ is a must IMO i mean if you want to go into Favorite next turn and overkill.

Besides that, is a good profile, Nova is becoming very interesting and play against it is just harder and harder. Good luck and hope this little comments will help if not just keep going lol.
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Posted: December 19, 2017 02:42 pm
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