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Pain & Itachi Uchiha card scan: click to enlarge

Pain & Itachi Uchiha:

Akatsuki | Rain | Rogue Ninja | Jonin | Satoosa | Male | Name: Yahiko | Rinnegan | Sharingan Eye | MASTERY | SQUAD
You can Squad this Ninja with just 1 of its listed Ninjas. At the start of the turn, if your Turn Marker is odd, draw 1 card. If your Turn Marker is even, move your opponent's Turn Marker down by 1.

""Know pain."
"Is this the death you had imagined for me?"

  • Card Number: TGSN-1096
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Card Type: Ninja
  • Symbol: Void / Fire
  • Combat Attribute: Ninjutsu/Genjutsu
  • Hand Cost: 1
  • Entrance Cost: 7
  • Healthy Stats: 8/4
  • Injured Stats: 6/3
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I know where to get a copy of this card. Dm me for details.
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Posted: June 2, 2018 06:35 pm 
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