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Erza, Titania / 妖精女王のエルザ card scan: click to enlarge

Erza, Titania / 妖精女王のエルザ:

【CONT】 The character facing this card gains -1 soul.
【CONT】 Memory During your turn, if the number of cards in your memory is 2 or more, this card gains +1500 power.
【AUTO】 [(2) Put 1 card named "Heaven's Wheel, Scattered Petals" from your hand in your waiting room] This ability activates up to one time per turn. When this card's battle opponent becomes 【REVERSE】, you may pay cost. If you do, 【STAND】 this card.

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  • Number: FT-S09-002
  • Rarity: RR
  • Card Type: Character
  • Color: Yellow
  • Side: Schwarz
  • Level: 3
  • Power: 10000
  • Cost: 2
  • Soul: 2
  • Triggers: Soul
Rarities: C = Common; U = Uncommon;
R = Rare; RR = Double Rare;
RRR = Triple Rare;
SP = Special; SR = Special Rare;
CC = Climax Common; CR = Climax Rare;
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[C] Character opposite this gets -1 Soul.
[C] RECOLLECTION During your turn, if there are 2 or more cards in your Memory, this gains +1500 Power.
[A] [(2) Discard a "Blumenblatt" from your hand to the Waiting Room] This may be played up to once per turn. When the Battle Opponent of this becomes Reversed, you may pay cost. If so, Stand this.
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Posted: December 2, 2013 12:58 pm 
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