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Loke, Ring Magic / 指輪魔法 ロキ card scan: click to enlarge

Loke, Ring Magic / 指輪魔法 ロキ:

【AUTO】 [Put 1 character from your hand in your memory] When this card is played on stage from your hand, you may pay cost. If you do not, put this card in your waiting room.

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  • Number: FT-S09-036
  • Rarity: U
  • Card Type: Character
  • Color: Green
  • Side: Schwarz
  • Level: 2
  • Power: 9500
  • Cost: 2
  • Soul: 2
  • Triggers: Soul
Rarities: C = Common; U = Uncommon;
R = Rare; RR = Double Rare;
RRR = Triple Rare;
SP = Special; SR = Special Rare;
CC = Climax Common; CR = Climax Rare;
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[A] [Send 1 Character from hand to Memory] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may pay cost. If not, put this in the Waiting Room.
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Posted: December 2, 2013 02:23 pm 
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