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7th Sea

7th Sea

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List of expansions for the game 7th Sea
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The most wanted
These are the cards appearing most often in wanted lists.
Card Set #  
Almost Missed Iron Shadow 7 search
Ahmed Khalid Iron Shadow 6 search
Disarmed! No Quarter 6 search
Homeward Arrow Promo Cards 6 search
7th Sea Eddy Scarlet Seas 5 search
A Thousand Fires Alight Fate’s Debt 5 search
Powering Through Fate’s Debt 5 search
"Lyin'" John Fox Fate’s Debt 5 search
Demon Eyes Fate’s Debt 5 search
The Dolphin Fate’s Debt 5 search
Andres Donovich Iron Shadow 5 search
Antonio Aldonez Iron Shadow 5 search
Delaina Darling Iron Shadow 5 search
Dupre & Hans Iron Shadow 5 search
Avalon Noble Iron Shadow 5 search
Advanced Swordsmanship Iron Shadow 5 search
Asprey Iron Shadow 5 search
Black Heart of the Sea Iron Shadow 5 search
Black Siren Iron Shadow 5 search
At the Ready Reaper's Fee 5 search