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Future Card Buddyfight

Future Card Buddyfight

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Divine Dragon Creation from Extra Booster 1: Immortal Entities: 4 users want it Ice Dragon Emperor, Glacies from Extra Booster 1: Immortal Entities: 3 users want it Armorknight Demon Duel Sieger Valkyrie, Assault Cara from Promotional Cards: 3 users want it Drum Bunker Dragon from Booster Set 1: Dragon Chief: 3 users want it Black Drain from D Booster Set 1: Unleash! Impact Dragon!!: 2 users want it Blood-drain Sword, Bloody Fate from H Booster Set 4: Mikado Evolution: 2 users want it Duel Sieger Drum Bunker Dragon from Golden Buddy Pack ver.E: 2 users want it Legend World from H Extra Booster 3: Lord of Hundred Thunders: 2 users want it Actor Knights Temperance from Booster Set 5: Break to the Future: 2 users want it A Dragon Against Thousands from H Booster Set 3: Assault of the Omni Lords: 2 users want it Armorknight Little Drake from Promotional Cards: 2 users want it Turbulent Warlord Dragon, Barlbatzz Dragoroyale from X Climax Booster 1: Strongest Batzz Awakened ?Red Thunder Emperor?: 2 users want it Dragon Throne from D Special Series 1: Neo Dragonic Force & Wings of Demise: 2 users want it Arc Dragon, Bariballo from X Booster Set 3: Overturn! Thunder Empire!: 2 users want it Blue Dragon Shield from X Special Series 1: Super Dragon Fifth Omni Formation VS Hundred Thunder Demons: 2 users want it Armorknight Many Mummy from D Booster Set 3: Annihilate! Great Demonic Dragon!!: 2 users want it