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Chaotic TCG

Chaotic TCG

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The most wanted
These are the cards appearing most often in wanted lists. [Display as a list]
Cromaxx from Alliances Unraveled: 33 users want it Ursis from Alliances Unraveled: 31 users want it Maxxor, Protector of Perim from Forged Unity: 30 users want it Xerium Armor from Alliances Unraveled: 28 users want it Heptadd from Dawn of Perim: 27 users want it Gintanai, The Forgotten from Alliances Unraveled: 27 users want it Chaor, The Fierce from Forged Unity: 26 users want it Intress, Natureforce from Turn of the Tide: 24 users want it Kileron, Warbeast of the Dust Storm from M'arrillian Invasion: 23 users want it Iflar, The Crown Prince from Turn of the Tide: 23 users want it Kaal from Alliances Unraveled: 23 users want it Drakness from Dawn of Perim: 21 users want it Tartarek, Psi Overloader from M'arrillian Invasion: 21 users want it Iparu, Metallic Ally from Alliances Unraveled: 21 users want it Kopond, High Muge of the Hearth from Alliances Unraveled: 21 users want it Khorror from Forged Unity: 20 users want it Najarin, High Muge of the Lake from Alliances Unraveled: 20 users want it UnderWorld City from Dawn of Perim: 19 users want it Takinom, The Shadowknight from Rise of the Oligarch: 19 users want it Bahrakatan, The Coralsmith from Rise of the Oligarch: 19 users want it