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Ice Age

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Ice Age: 385 cards
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1 Abyssal Specter Creature  search
2 Adarkar Sentinel Artifact Creature  search
3 Adarkar Unicorn Creature  search
4 Adarkar Wastes Land  search
5 Aegis of the Meek Artifact  search
6 Aggression Enchantment  search
7 Altar of Bone Sorcery  search
8 Amulet of Quoz Artifact  search
9 Anarchy Sorcery  search
10 Arctic Foxes Creature  search
11 Arcum's Sleigh Artifact  search
12 Arcum's Weathervane Artifact  search
13 Arcum's Whistle Artifact  search
14 Arenson's Aura Enchantment  search
15 Armor of Faith Enchantment  search
16 Arnjlot's Ascent Enchantment  search
17 Ashen Ghoul Creature  search
18 Aurochs Creature  search
19 Avalanche Sorcery  search
20 Balduvian Barbarians Creature  search
21 Balduvian Bears Creature  search
22 Balduvian Conjurer Creature  search
23 Balduvian Hydra Creature  search
24 Balduvian Shaman Creature  search
25 Barbarian Guides Creature  search
26 Barbed Sextant Artifact  search
27 Baton of Morale Artifact  search
28 Battle Cry Instant  search
29 Battle Frenzy Instant  search
30 Binding Grasp Enchantment  search
31 Black Scarab Enchantment  search
32 Blessed Wine Instant  search
33 Blinking Spirit Creature  search
34 Blizzard Enchantment  search
35 Blue Scarab Enchantment  search
36 Bone Shaman Creature  search
37 Brainstorm Instant  search
38 Brand of Ill Omen Enchantment  search
39 Breath of Dreams Enchantment  search
40 Brine Shaman Creature  search
41 Brown Ouphe Creature  search
42 Brushland Land  search
43 Burnt Offering Instant  search
44 Call to Arms Enchantment  search
45 Caribou Range Enchantment  search
46 Celestial Sword Artifact  search
47 Centaur Archer Creature  search
48 Chaos Lord Creature  search
49 Chaos Moon Enchantment  search
50 Chromatic Armor Enchantment  search
51 Chub Toad Creature  search
52 Circle of Protection: Black Enchantment  search
53 Circle of Protection: Blue Enchantment  search
54 Circle of Protection: Green Enchantment  search
55 Circle of Protection: Red Enchantment  search
56 Circle of Protection: White Enchantment  search
57 Clairvoyance Instant  search
58 Cloak of Confusion Enchantment  search
59 Cold Snap Enchantment  search
60 Conquer Enchantment  search
61 Cooperation Enchantment  search
62 Counterspell Instant  search
63 Crown of the Ages Artifact  search
64 Curse of Marit Lage Enchantment  search
65 Dance of the Dead Enchantment  search
66 Dark Banishing Instant  search
67 Dark Ritual Instant  search
68 Death Ward Instant  search
69 Deflection Instant  search
70 Demonic Consultation Instant  search
71 Despotic Scepter Artifact  search
72 Diabolic Vision Sorcery  search
73 Dire Wolves Creature  search
74 Disenchant Instant  search
75 Dread Wight Creature  search
76 Dreams of the Dead Enchantment  search
77 Drift of the Dead Creature  search
78 Drought Enchantment  search
79 Dwarven Armory Enchantment  search
80 Earthlink Enchantment  search
81 Earthlore Enchantment  search
82 Elder Druid Creature  search
83 Elemental Augury Enchantment  search
84 Elkin Bottle Artifact  search
85 Elvish Healer Creature  search
86 Enduring Renewal Enchantment  search
87 Energy Storm Enchantment  search
88 Enervate Instant  search
89 Errant Minion Enchantment  search
90 Errantry Enchantment  search
91 Essence Filter Sorcery  search
92 Essence Flare Enchantment  search
93 Essence Vortex Instant  search
94 Fanatical Fever Instant  search
95 Fear Enchantment  search
96 Fiery Justice Sorcery  search
97 Fire Covenant Instant  search
98 Flame Spirit Creature  search
99 Flare Instant  search
100 Flooded Woodlands Enchantment  search
101 Flow of Maggots Creature  search
102 Folk of the Pines Creature  search
103 Forbidden Lore Enchantment  search
104 Force Void Instant  search
105a Forest Basic Land  search
105b Forest Basic Land  search
105c Forest Basic Land  search
106 Forgotten Lore Sorcery  search
107 Formation Instant  search
108 Foul Familiar Creature  search
109 Foxfire Instant  search
110 Freyalise Supplicant Creature  search
111 Freyalise's Charm Enchantment  search
112 Freyalise's Winds Enchantment  search
113 Fumarole Sorcery  search
114 Fylgja Enchantment  search
115 Fyndhorn Bow Artifact  search
116 Fyndhorn Brownie Creature  search
117 Fyndhorn Elder Creature  search
118 Fyndhorn Elves Creature  search
119 Fyndhorn Pollen Enchantment  search
120 Game of Chaos Sorcery  search
121 Gangrenous Zombies Creature  search
122 Gaze of Pain Sorcery  search
123 General Jarkeld Legendary Creature  search
124 Ghostly Flame Enchantment  search
125 Giant Growth Instant  search
126 Giant Trap Door Spider Creature  search
127 Glacial Chasm Land  search
128 Glacial Crevasses Enchantment  search
129 Glacial Wall Creature  search
130 Glaciers Enchantment  search
131 Goblin Lyre Artifact  search
132 Goblin Mutant Creature  search
132* Goblin Mutant [Hobby Japan Commemorative] Creature  search
133 Goblin Sappers Creature  search
134 Goblin Ski Patrol Creature  search
135 Goblin Snowman Creature  search
136 Gorilla Pack Creature  search
137 Gravebind Instant  search
138 Green Scarab Enchantment  search
139 Grizzled Wolverine Creature  search
140 Hallowed Ground Enchantment  search
141 Halls of Mist Land  search
142 Heal Instant  search
143 Hecatomb Enchantment  search
144 Hematite Talisman Artifact  search
145 Hipparion Creature  search
146 Hoar Shade Creature  search
147 Hot Springs Enchantment  search
148 Howl from Beyond Instant  search
149 Hurricane Sorcery  search
150 Hyalopterous Lemure Creature  search
151 Hydroblast Instant  search
152 Hymn of Rebirth Sorcery  search
153 Ice Cauldron Artifact  search
154 Ice Floe Land  search
155 Iceberg Enchantment  search
156 Icequake Sorcery  search
157 Icy Manipulator Artifact  search
158 Icy Prison Enchantment  search
159 Illusionary Forces Creature  search
160 Illusionary Presence Creature  search
161 Illusionary Terrain Enchantment  search
162 Illusionary Wall Creature  search
163 Illusions of Grandeur Enchantment  search
164 Imposing Visage Enchantment  search
165 Incinerate Instant  search
166 Infernal Darkness Enchantment  search
167 Infernal Denizen Creature  search
168 Infinite Hourglass Artifact  search
169 Infuse Instant  search
170a Island Basic Land  search
170b Island Basic Land  search
170c Island Basic Land  search
171 Jester's Cap Artifact  search
172 Jester's Mask Artifact  search
173 Jeweled Amulet Artifact  search
174 Johtull Wurm Creature  search
175 Jokulhaups Sorcery  search
176 Juniper Order Druid Creature  search
177 Justice Enchantment  search
178 Karplusan Forest Land  search
179 Karplusan Giant Creature  search
180 Karplusan Yeti Creature  search
181 Kelsinko Ranger Creature  search
182 Kjeldoran Dead Creature  search
183 Kjeldoran Elite Guard Creature  search
184 Kjeldoran Frostbeast Creature  search
185 Kjeldoran Guard Creature  search
186 Kjeldoran Knight Creature  search
187 Kjeldoran Phalanx Creature  search
188 Kjeldoran Royal Guard Creature  search
189 Kjeldoran Skycaptain Creature  search
190 Kjeldoran Skyknight Creature  search
191 Kjeldoran Warrior Creature  search
192 Knight of Stromgald Creature  search
193 Krovikan Elementalist Creature  search
194 Krovikan Fetish Enchantment  search
195 Krovikan Sorcerer Creature  search
196 Krovikan Vampire Creature  search
196* Krovikan Vampire [Hobby Japan Commemorative] Creature  search
197 Land Cap Land  search
198 Lapis Lazuli Talisman Artifact  search
199 Lava Burst Sorcery  search
200 Lava Tubes Land  search
201 Legions of Lim-Dul Creature  search
202 Leshrac's Rite Enchantment  search
203 Leshrac's Sigil Enchantment  search
204 Lhurgoyf Creature  search
205 Lightning Blow Instant  search
206 Lim-Dul's Cohort Creature  search
207 Lim-Dul's Hex Enchantment  search
208 Lost Order of Jarkeld Creature  search
209 Lure Enchantment  search
210 Maddening Wind Enchantment  search
211 Magus of the Unseen Creature  search
212 Malachite Talisman Artifact  search
213 Marton Stromgald Legendary Creature  search
214 Melee Instant  search
215 Melting Enchantment  search
216 Mercenaries Creature  search
217 Merieke Ri Berit Legendary Creature  search
218 Mesmeric Trance Enchantment  search
219 Meteor Shower Sorcery  search
220 Mind Ravel Sorcery  search
221 Mind Warp Sorcery  search
222 Mind Whip Enchantment  search
223 Minion of Leshrac Creature  search
224 Minion of Tevesh Szat Creature  search
225 Mistfolk Creature  search
226 Mole Worms Creature  search
227 Monsoon Enchantment  search
228 Moor Fiend Creature  search
229a Mountain Basic Land  search
229b Mountain Basic Land  search
229c Mountain Basic Land  search
230 Mountain Goat Creature  search
231 Mountain Titan Creature  search
232 Mudslide Enchantment  search
233 Musician Creature  search
234 Mystic Might Enchantment  search
235 Mystic Remora Enchantment  search
236 Nacre Talisman Artifact  search
237 Naked Singularity Artifact  search
238 Nature's Lore Sorcery  search
239 Necropotence Enchantment  search
240 Norritt Creature  search
241 Oath of Lim-Dul Enchantment  search
242 Onyx Talisman Artifact  search
243 Orcish Cannoneers Creature  search
244 Orcish Conscripts Creature  search
245 Orcish Farmer Creature  search
246 Orcish Healer Creature  search
247 Orcish Librarian Creature  search
248 Orcish Lumberjack Creature  search
249 Orcish Squatters Creature  search
250 Order of the Sacred Torch Creature  search
251 Order of the White Shield Creature  search
252 Pale Bears Creature  search
253 Panic Instant  search
254 Pentagram of the Ages Artifact  search
255 Pestilence Rats Creature  search
256 Phantasmal Mount Creature  search
257 Pit Trap Artifact  search
258a Plains Basic Land  search
258b Plains Basic Land  search
258c Plains Basic Land  search
259 Polar Kraken Creature  search
260 Portent Sorcery  search
261 Power Sink Instant  search
262 Pox Sorcery  search
263 Prismatic Ward Enchantment  search
264 Pygmy Allosaurus Creature  search
265 Pyknite Creature  search
266 Pyroblast Instant  search
267 Pyroclasm Sorcery  search
268 Rally Instant  search
269 Ray of Command Instant  search
270 Ray of Erasure Instant  search
271 Reality Twist Enchantment  search
272 Reclamation Enchantment  search
273 Red Scarab Enchantment  search
274 Regeneration Enchantment  search
275 Rime Dryad Creature  search
276 Ritual of Subdual Enchantment  search
277 River Delta Land  search
278 Runed Arch Artifact  search
279 Sabretooth Tiger Creature  search
280 Sacred Boon Instant  search
281 Scaled Wurm Creature  search
282 Sea Spirit Creature  search
283 Seizures Enchantment  search
284 Seraph Creature  search
285 Shambling Strider Creature  search
286 Shatter Instant  search
287 Shield Bearer Creature  search
288 Shield of the Ages Artifact  search
289 Shyft Creature  search
290 Sibilant Spirit Creature  search
291 Silver Erne Creature  search
292 Skeleton Ship Legendary Creature  search
293 Skull Catapult Artifact  search
294 Sleight of Mind Instant  search
295 Snow Devil Enchantment  search
296 Snow Fortress Artifact Creature  search
297 Snow Hound Creature  search
298 Snow-Covered Forest Basic Land  search
299 Snow-Covered Island Basic Land  search
300 Snow-Covered Mountain Basic Land  search
301 Snow-Covered Plains Basic Land  search
302 Snow-Covered Swamp Basic Land  search
303 Snowblind Enchantment  search
304 Snowfall Enchantment  search
305 Soldevi Golem Artifact Creature  search
306 Soldevi Machinist Creature  search
307 Soldevi Simulacrum Artifact Creature  search
308 Songs of the Damned Instant  search
309 Soul Barrier Enchantment  search
310 Soul Burn Sorcery  search
311 Soul Kiss Enchantment  search
312 Spectral Shield Enchantment  search
313 Spoils of Evil Instant  search
314 Spoils of War Sorcery  search
315 Staff of the Ages Artifact  search
316 Stampede Instant  search
317 Stench of Evil Sorcery  search
318 Stone Rain Sorcery  search
319 Stone Spirit Creature  search
320 Stonehands Enchantment  search
321 Storm Spirit Creature  search
322 Stormbind Enchantment  search
323 Stromgald Cabal Creature  search
324 Stunted Growth Sorcery  search
325 Sulfurous Springs Land  search
326 Sunstone Artifact  search
327a Swamp Basic Land  search
327b Swamp Basic Land  search
327c Swamp Basic Land  search
328 Swords to Plowshares Instant  search
329 Tarpan Creature  search
330 Thermokarst Sorcery  search
331 Thoughtleech Enchantment  search
332 Thunder Wall Creature  search
333 Timberline Ridge Land  search
334 Time Bomb Artifact  search
335 Tinder Wall Creature  search
336 Tor Giant Creature  search
337 Total War Enchantment  search
338 Touch of Death Sorcery  search
339 Touch of Vitae Instant  search
340 Trailblazer Instant  search
341 Underground River Land  search
342 Updraft Instant  search
343 Urza's Bauble Artifact  search
344 Veldt Land  search
345 Venomous Breath Instant  search
346 Vertigo Instant  search
347 Vexing Arcanix Artifact  search
348 Vibrating Sphere Artifact  search
349 Walking Wall Artifact Creature  search
350 Wall of Lava Creature  search
351 Wall of Pine Needles Creature  search
352 Wall of Shields Artifact Creature  search
353 War Chariot Artifact  search
354 Warning Instant  search
355 Whalebone Glider Artifact  search
356 White Scarab Enchantment  search
357 Whiteout Instant  search
358 Wiitigo Creature  search
359 Wild Growth Enchantment  search
360 Wind Spirit Creature  search
361 Wings of Aesthir Enchantment  search
362 Winter's Chill Instant  search
363 Withering Wisps Enchantment  search
364 Woolly Mammoths Creature  search
365 Woolly Spider Creature  search
366 Word of Blasting Instant  search
367 Word of Undoing Instant  search
368 Wrath of Marit Lage Enchantment  search
369 Yavimaya Gnats Creature  search
370 Zur's Weirding Enchantment  search
371 Zuran Enchanter Creature  search
372 Zuran Orb Artifact  search
373 Zuran Spellcaster Creature  search
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