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Ultra Duel

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Ultra Duel: 61 cards
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41 Aqua Anchor Creature  Common  search
5 Bagnaborne, Divine Green Dragon Creature  Very Rare  search
16 Balrun Shizou Creature  Rare  search
15 Balzark "Fire Blast" Dragon Creature  Rare  search
S4 Balzark, Sword Flash Fortress Fortress  Super Rare  search
12 Black Shadow, Darkfang Ninja Creature  Rare  search
36 Brunhilde, Ghost Knight Evolution Creature  Common  search
53 Bucket Bucket, Fairy of the Enduring Snow Creature  Common  search
13 Chain of Grief Spell  Rare  search
S2 Change the World, Blue Divine Dragon Creature  Super Rare  search
10 Cherenko Creature  Rare  search
30 Crow Todoroki, Relentless Swordsman Evolution Creature  Uncommon  search
28 Dark Sanji, Darkfang Ninja Creature  Uncommon  search
27 Death Romanov the 5th, Demonic Eye General Creature  Uncommon  search
24 Deepsea Mammoth Creature  Uncommon  search
47 Drum Treble, of the Mystic Light Creature  Common  search
7 Elizabeth, Thunder Dragon Princess Creature  Rare  search
9 Emperor Kinta, Battle Artiste Evolution Creature  Rare  search
34 Flash Gear - Lightning Helmet Cross Gear  Uncommon  search
25 Force Reloaded Spell  Uncommon  search
S1 Gabriella, Holy Princess Creature  Super Rare  search
33 Ganbarat, Martial Artist of the Forest Creature  Uncommon  search
S5 Halsa, the Great Enigma Evolution Creature  Super Rare  search
54 Hijikata Giant Creature  Common  search
20 Hustle Castle Fortress  Rare  search
2 Ice Lance - Paladin Spear Cross Gear  Very Rare  search
49 Izayoi, Raging Crimson Lord Creature  Common  search
31 Jack Raidou, Battle Dragon Creature  Uncommon  search
42 Kaidou Crawler, Hidden Blade Creature  Common  search
46 Kodamanma, All-Devouring Puppet Creature  Common  search
40 Lord Fuuma Guliermo, Ice Fang Creature  Common  search
38 Lord Silver, Thunder Mecha King Creature  Common  search
51 Magic Shot - Explosive Strike Spell  Common  search
48 Magma Chopster Creature  Common  search
43 Medetine, New Year Electro-knight Creature  Common  search
19 No Dandy Leekio Creature  Rare  search
50 Phantom Beast Flame Dance Spell  Common  search
18 Pony Nature, Forest Beast Fairy Creature  Rare  search
8 Pure Thunder, Spirit Beast Creature  Rare  search
22 Raiden, Lightfang Ninja Creature  Uncommon  search
37 Reesa, Spirit of Infinity Creature  Common  search
55 Rondo of the Beasts Spell  Common  search
45 Rose Avacoom, Prince of the Demonic Eye Creature  Common  search
29 Rose Castle Fortress  Uncommon  search
23 Saint Castle Fortress  Uncommon  search
52 Senpoon, Invoked by the Hidden Earth Creature  Common  search
6 Shabada Badou, JK Holy Nova Creature  Rare  search
14 Shadow Warrior - Soul Bringer Cross Gear  Rare  search
1 Silver Glory, Invincible Fortress Castle  Very Rare  search
21 Sir Navaal, Thunder Mecha Knight Creature  Uncommon  search
44 Sir Virginia, Mystic Light Insect Creature  Common  search
35 Snowmandy, Fortress of Snow Fortress  Uncommon  search
17 Softknuckle Dragoon Creature  Rare  search
39 Spark Sunshine Spell  Common  search
26 Submarine Fortress Lair Fortress  Uncommon  search
32 Super Shachihoko Castle Fortress  Uncommon  search
S3 Supernova DEATH Dragerion Evolution Creature  Super Rare  search
4 Valkyrias Musashi, Ultimate Battle Dragon Evolution Creature  Very Rare  search
4s Valkyrias Musashi, Ultimate Battle Dragon (Secret) Evolution Creature  Very Rare  search
11 Xanatic X Spell  Rare  search
3 Zarfeld the 2nd, Dark Knight Evolution Creature  Very Rare  search
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