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Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana

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Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana: 66 cards
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3 Albino Troll Creature  search
48 Bad Moon Enchantment  search
2 Basking Rootwalla Creature  search
23 Beast Attack Instant  search
T1 Beast [3/3] [Token] Token Creature  search
T2 Beast [4/4] [Token] Token Creature  search
7 Blastoderm Creature  search
57 Corrupt Sorcery  search
33 Deathgreeter Creature  search
36 Drudge Skeletons Creature  search
18 Elephant Guide Enchantment  search
T3 Elephant [Token] Token Creature  search
58 Enslave Enchantment  search
42 Faerie Macabre Creature  search
38 Fleshbag Marauder Creature  search
28 Forest Basic Land  search
29 Forest Basic Land  search
30 Forest Basic Land  search
31 Forest Basic Land  search
1 Garruk Wildspeaker Planeswalker  search
13 Genju of the Cedars Enchantment  search
47 Genju of the Fens Enchantment  search
34 Ghost-Lit Stalker Creature  search
14 Giant Growth Instant  search
21 Harmonize Sorcery  search
52 Hideous End Instant  search
43 Howling Banshee Creature  search
51 Ichor Slick Sorcery  search
10 Indrik Stomphowler Creature  search
19 Invigorate Instant  search
44 Keening Banshee Creature  search
11 Krosan Tusker Creature  search
16 Lignify Tribal Enchantment  search
32 Liliana Vess Planeswalker  search
55 Mutilate Sorcery  search
17 Nature's Lore Sorcery  search
24 Overrun Sorcery  search
39 Phyrexian Rager Creature  search
12 Plated Slagwurm Creature  search
59 Polluted Mire Land  search
15 Rancor Enchantment  search
8 Ravenous Baloth Creature  search
37 Ravenous Rats Creature  search
56 Rise from the Grave Sorcery  search
22 Rude Awakening Sorcery  search
20 Serrated Arrows Artifact  search
49 Sign in Blood Sorcery  search
46 Skeletal Vampire Creature  search
26 Slippery Karst Land  search
53 Snuff Out Instant  search
9 Stampeding Wildebeests Creature  search
60 Swamp Basic Land  search
61 Swamp Basic Land  search
62 Swamp Basic Land  search
63 Swamp Basic Land  search
54 Tendrils of Corruption Instant  search
27 Treetop Village Land  search
45 Twisted Abomination Creature  search
40 Urborg Syphon-Mage Creature  search
35 Vampire Bats Creature  search
50 Vicious Hunger Sorcery  search
4 Vine Trellis Creature  search
41 Wall of Bone Creature  search
5 Wild Mongrel Creature  search
25 Windstorm Instant  search
6 Wirewood Savage Creature  search
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