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Duel Terminal - Vairon Descends!! (Japanese)

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Duel Terminal - Vairon Descends!! (Japanese): 50 cards
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DT09-JP010 Aussa the Earth Charmer Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP027 Blazesmith Kaen Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP025 Burning Sword Prominence Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP013 Card Ejector Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT09-JP023 Crimson Field Hawk Monster / Tuner  DRPR  search
DT09-JP050 Crimson Magical Barrier Trap Card / Continuous  DNPR  search
DT09-JP044 Crimson Memory Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  DNPR  search
DT09-JP002 Cyberdark Keel Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP003 D.D. Crow Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP014 Elemental Hero Ocean Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP042 Foolish Burial Spell/Magic Card  DNPR  search
DT09-JP012 Gellenduo Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP049 Gem Enhance Trap Card  DRPR  search
DT09-JP021 Gem Merchant Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP019 Gemknight Alexand Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT09-JP035 Gemknight Aquamarina Monster / Effect / Fusion  DSPR  search
DT09-JP043 Gemknight Fusion Spell/Magic Card  DNPR  search
DT09-JP016 Gemknight Ganet Monster  DNPR  search
DT09-JP036 Gemknight Paz Monster / Effect / Fusion  DUPR  search
DT09-JP034 Gemknight Rubys Monster / Effect / Fusion  DUPR  search
DT09-JP018 Gemknight Rumarin Monster  DNPR  search
DT09-JP017 Gemknight Sapphia Monster  DNPR  search
DT09-JP020 Gemresis Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT09-JP048 Kunai with Chain Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT09-JP028 Laval Burner Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP026 Laval Burning Verdant Temptress Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT09-JP038 Laval Greater Monster / Effect / Synchro  DSPR  search
DT09-JP022 Laval Rotating Firewheel Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT09-JP024 Laval Warrior Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT09-JP037 Lavalball Dragon Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT09-JP029 Lavallord Judgment Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT09-JP005 Level Eater Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP007 Maha Vailo Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP041 My Body as a Shield Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  DNPR  search
DT09-JP004 Necro Gardna Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP008 Nimble Momonga Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP009 Silent Swordsman LV3 Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT09-JP047 Skill Successor Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT09-JP011 Slate Warrior Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP006 Spear Cretin Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP001 Summoned Skull Monster  DRPR  search
DT09-JP046 Trap Stun Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT09-JP015 Tualatin Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT09-JP032 Vairon Charger Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT09-JP030 Vairon Cube Monster / Tuner  DRPR  search
DT09-JP040 Vairon Epsilon Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT09-JP045 Vairon Material Spell/Magic Card / Equip  DRPR  search
DT09-JP039 Vairon Sigma Monster / Effect / Synchro  DSPR  search
DT09-JP033 Vairon Soldier Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT09-JP031 Vairon Vanguard Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
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