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Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning

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Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning: 34 cards
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12 Ball Lightning Creature  search
28 Barbarian Ring Land  search
13 Boggart Ram-Gang Creature  search
21 Browbeat Sorcery  search
16 Chain Lightning Sorcery  search
9 Cinder Pyromancer Creature  search
5 Figure of Destiny Creature  search
15 Fire Servant Creature  search
27 Fireball Sorcery  search
26 Fireblast Instant  search
22 Flames of the Blood Hand Instant  search
29 Ghitu Encampment Land  search
1 Grim Lavamancer Creature  search
23 Hammer of Bogardan Sorcery  search
6 Hellspark Elemental Creature  search
2 Jackal Pup Creature  search
10 Jaya Ballard, Task Mage Legendary Creature  search
14 Keldon Champion Creature  search
7 Keldon Marauders Creature  search
17 Lightning Bolt Instant  search
3 Mogg Fanatic Creature  search
8 Mogg Flunkies Creature  search
31 Mountain Basic Land  search
32 Mountain Basic Land  search
33 Mountain Basic Land  search
34 Mountain Basic Land  search
24 Pillage Sorcery  search
18 Price of Progress Instant  search
20 Reverberate Instant  search
4 Spark Elemental Creature  search
25 Sudden Impact Instant  search
30 Teetering Peaks Land  search
19 Thunderbolt Instant  search
11 Vulshok Sorcerer Creature  search
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