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Extra Booster: Comic Style Vol.1

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Extra Booster: Comic Style Vol.1: 38 cards
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EB01-020 Battleraizer Nova Grappler  search
EB01-012 Bellicosity Dragon Kagerō  search
EB01-016 Boomerang Thrower Nova Grappler  search
EB01-019 Cat Butler Nova Grappler  search
V-BT01-078 Cat Butler (V) Nova Grappler  search
EB01-034 Crouching Dragon, Striken Kagerō  search
EB01-002 Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU Murakumo  RRR  search
EB01-004 Golden Beast Tamer Pale Moon  RR  search
EB01-013 Guard Griffin Kagerō  search
EB01-003 High-Powered Riser Custom Nova Grappler  RR  search
EB01-024 Hoop Magician Pale Moon  search
EB01-006 Imperial Daughter Oracle Think Tank  RR  search
EB01-021 Jumping Jill Pale Moon  search
EB01-025 Lark Pigeon Pale Moon  search
EB01-027 Left Arrester Murakumo  search
EB01-033 Lozenge Magus Oracle Think Tank  search
EB01-030 Machining Hornet Megacolony  search
EB01-029 Machining Mantis Megacolony  search
002 Machining Spark Hercules (V) Megacolony  RRR  search
EB01-005 Machining Stag Beetle Megacolony  RR  search
EB01-031 Machining Worker Ant Megacolony  search
EB01-008 Miss Splendor Nova Grappler  search
EB01-022 Nitro Juggler Pale Moon  search
EB01-001 Perfect Raizer Nova Grappler  RRR  search
EB01-011 Promise Daughter Oracle Think Tank  search
EB01-017 Raizer Custom Nova Grappler  search
EB01-028 Right Arrester Murakumo  search
EB01-009 Rocket Hammerman Nova Grappler  search
EB01-014 Sage of Guidance, Zenon Royal Paladin  search
EB01-014p Sage of Guidance, Zenon (Parallel) Royal Paladin  SP  search
EB01-015 Savage King Tachikaze  search
EB01-032 Shelter Beetle Megacolony  search
EB01-035 Spike Bouncer Spike Brothers  search
EB01-023 Starting Presenter Pale Moon  search
EB01-026 Swift Archer, FUSHIMI Murakumo  search
EB01-010 Twin Swordsman, MUSASHI Murakumo  search
EB01-018 Wall Boy Nova Grappler  search
EB01-007 Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist Oracle Think Tank  RR  search
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