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Katanagatari Extra Trial

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Katanagatari Extra Trial: 7 cards
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KG-SE07-T02 "Head of Sanzu Shrine" Meisai Tsuruga Character  TD  search
KG-SE07-T07 "One Japanese Katana" Shichika Yasuri Character  TD  search
KG-SE07-T06 Akutou Shichimi Character  TD  search
KG-SE07-T03 Hakuhei Sabi, Fallen Swordsman Character  TD  search
KG-SE07-T04 Nanami & Shichika, Youth Character  TD  search
KG-SE07-T05 Togame & Shichika, Travels of Two Character  TD  search
KG-SE07-T01 Togame & Shichika, Under the Cherry Blossom Storm Character  search
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