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Rising Dash Deck: Counterattack Block!

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Rising Dash Deck: Counterattack Block!: 14 cards
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8 Aqua Surfer Creature  Uncommon  search
1 Codename Orewaleo Creature  Promotional  search
6 Counterattacking Silent Spark Spell  Promotional  search
12 Deepsea Dober Creature  Uncommon  search
5 Hatchaki Creature  Promotional  search
7 Heaven's Gate Spell  Rare  search
10 HEIKE Double Cross, Spirit of Gaga Creature  Rare  search
2 Kachamashigu, Spirit of Rays Creature  Promotional  search
4 King Kere Creature  Promotional  search
9 Lord Reis, Spirit of Wisdom Creature  Rare  search
11 Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian Creature  Rare  search
13 Tajimal, Vizier of Aqua Creature  Uncommon  search
14 The Strong Spiral Spell  Common  search
3 Yuppal, Binding Guardian Creature  Promotional  search
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