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Shining Force EXA Booster Pack

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Shining Force EXA Booster Pack: 127 cards
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SE-S04-108 "Calling to Each Other" Toma & Cyrille Character  PR  search
SE-S04-019 "Curse of the Holy Sword" Toma & Cyrille Character  search
SE-S04-038 "Fluffy Tail" Faulklin Character  search
SE-S04-088 "Money Over Life" Bornay Character  search
SE-S04-029 "Quintol" Faulklin Character  search
SE-S04-029S "Quintol" Faulklin Character  SR  search
SE-S04-069 "Rival" Cyrille & Amitaliri Character  search
SE-S04-094 "Single-Horned" Garyu Character  search
SE-S04-058 "Strongest Ball Defense Theory" Adam Character  search
SE-S04-041 "Too Much Over-Confidence" Amitaliri / “いい加減で自信過剰”アミタリリ Character  search
SE-S04-086 "Two Holy Swords" Toma & Cyrille Character  search
SE-S04-009 "Way of the Chivalry" Gadfort Character  search
SE-S04-035 Amitaliri & Faulklin Character  search
SE-S04-040 Amitaliri, Bomber Girl Character  search
SE-S04-028 Amitaliri, Demonic Girl Character  search
SE-S04-028S Amitaliri, Demonic Girl Character  SR  search
SE-S04-053 Amitaliri, Moody / 気分屋アミタリリ Character  search
SE-S04-056 Amitaliri, Phoenix Trainer Character  search
SE-S04-052 Amitaliri, Pretty Girl Heroine Character  RR  search
SE-S04-052S Amitaliri, Pretty Girl Heroine Character  SR  search
SE-S04-036 Amitaliri, Self-Proclaimed Genius Witch Girl Character  search
SE-S04-062 Amitaliri, Surprised Character  search
SE-S04-054 Amitaliri, Witch Character  search
SE-S04-017 Avalon, Golden Knight Character  search
SE-S04-011 Avalon, Legendary Hero Character  search
SE-S04-096 Awakening of Geo-Fortress Event  search
SE-S04-097 Battle Again! Event  search
SE-S04-099 Blade of Fate Climax  CC  search
SE-S04-099P Blade of Fate Climax  SP  search
SE-S04-107 Book Lover Cyrille Character  PR  search
SE-S04-039 Catheana, Only One Who Understands the Emperor Character  search
SE-S04-072 Crimson Palace Event  search
SF-S04-113 Cross Elysion / クロスエリュシオン Climax  PR  search
SE-S04-104 Cyrille & Amitaliri & Faulklin Character  PR  search
SE-S04-063 Cyrille & Amitaliri in Swimsuits Character  search
SE-S04-008 Cyrille & Zhirra Character  search
SE-S04-010 Cyrille & Zhirra, Friendly Character  search
SE-S04-082 Cyrille & Zhirra, Understanding Destiny Character  search
SE-S04-092 Cyrille in Swimsuits Character  search
SE-S04-006 Cyrille in Witch Hat Character  search
SE-S04-025 Cyrille's Feelings Climax  CC  search
SE-S04-100 Cyrille's Truth Climax  CC  search
SE-S04-013 Cyrille, Angry Character  search
SE-S04-091 Cyrille, Angry While Blushing Character  search
SE-S04-077 Cyrille, Cat-Eared Character  RR  search
SE-S04-077R Cyrille, Cat-Eared Character  RRR  search
SE-S04-080 Cyrille, Changing Character  search
SE-S04-079 Cyrille, Chef Character  search
SE-S04-001 Cyrille, Girl with Many Mysteries Character  RR  search
SE-S04-001S Cyrille, Girl with Many Mysteries Character  SR  search
SE-S04-093 Cyrille, Good Student Character  search
SE-S04-014 Cyrille, Laughing Character  search
SE-S04-076 Cyrille, Master of the Holy Sword Character  RR  search
SE-S04-076S Cyrille, Master of the Holy Sword Character  SR  search
SF-S04-112 Darkwraith, Beloved Darkness / 愛くるしい闇 ダークレイス Character  PR  search
SF-S04-111 Darkwraith, Prince Living in Darkness / 闇に生きる貴公子 ダークレイス Character  PR  search
SE-S04-047 Dignity of the King Event  search
SE-S04-095 Discouraged Event  search
SE-S04-034 Duga, Proud Werewolf / 誇り高き人狼ドゥーガ Character  search
SE-S04-044 Duga, Wild Beast Character  search
SE-S04-050 Elven Warrior Climax  CC  search
SE-S04-049 Faulklin's Self-Introduction Climax  CC  search
SE-S04-065 Faulklin, Afraid Character  search
SE-S04-055 Faulklin, Attendent to Amitaliri / アミタリリの付き人ファークリン Character  search
SE-S04-027 Faulklin, Gotten Lost Character  RR  search
SE-S04-027R Faulklin, Gotten Lost Character  RRR  search
SE-S04-067 Faulklin, Likes to Cry Character  search
SE-S04-059 Faulklin, Loyal Hound Character  search
SE-S04-031 Faulklin, Young Boy of Beastman Tribes Character  search
SE-S04-005 Gadfort, Kentauros Knight Character  search
SE-S04-018 Gadfort, Kind Knight / 心優しき騎士ガドフォール Character  search
SE-S04-033 Gantetsu, Master Craftsman Character  search
SE-S04-085 Garyu, Ancient Dragon Character  search
SE-S04-015 Gilnay & Hikanay Character  search
SE-S04-048 Goal! La Vaes Climax  CR  search
SE-S04-048P Goal! La Vaes Climax  SP  search
SE-S04-020 Guardian of the Geo-Fortress Event  search
SE-S04-024 Holy Sword, Shining Force Climax  CC  search
SE-S04-024P Holy Sword, Shining Force Climax  SP  search
SE-S04-074 I'll Become La Vaes Someday! Climax  CC  search
SF-S04-105 Jinn Character  PR  search
SF-S04-110 Lilith, Guardian of the Sky Mana / 空マナの守護者 リリス Character  PR  search
SE-S04-066 Lurnazael, Second-in-Command to the Queen Character  search
SE-S04-042 Maebelle, Archer Character  search
SE-S04-032 Maebelle, Denizen of the Forest Character  search
SE-S04-026 Maebelle, Gluttonous Character  RR  search
SE-S04-046 Magical Fortress Event  search
SE-S04-087 Master Cyrille Character  search
SE-S04-012 Master Toma Character  search
SE-S04-089 Phillip, Commander Character  search
SE-S04-098 Power of the Holy Sword Climax  CR  search
SE-S04-045 Pursuer Event  search
SE-S04-043 Ragnadaam III Character  search
SE-S04-037 Ragnadaam, Emperor Aiming for the Sky Character  search
SE-S04-030 Ragnadaam, Young Lion Emperor / 若獅子帝ラグナダーム Character  search
SE-S04-051 Riemsianne La Vaes / リームシアン・ラ・ヴァース Character  RR  search
SE-S04-051R Riemsianne La Vaes / リームシアン・ラ・ヴァース Character  RRR  search
SE-S04-060 Riemsianne, Hellfire of Purgatory Character  search
SE-S04-068 Riemsianne, Leader of the Demon Tribe Character  search
SE-S04-057 Riemsianne, Queen of Fyrlandt Character  search
SE-S04-057S Riemsianne, Queen of Fyrlandt Character  SR  search
SE-S04-061 Riemsianne, Seducing Character  search
SE-S04-064 Riemsianne, Successor to the Name "La Vaes" / ラ・ヴァースの名を継ぐ者リームシアン Character  search
SE-S04-073 Seduction of La Vaes Climax  CR  search
SE-S04-073P Seduction of La Vaes Climax  SP  search
SF-S04-103 Shining Force Feather Event  PR  search
SE-S04-075 That Is Mine Climax  CC  search
SE-S04-021 The Other Holy Sword Event  search
SE-S04-016 Toma & Cyrille Character  search
SE-S04-002 Toma & Zenus Character  RR  search
SE-S04-007 Toma, Chosen One Character  search
SE-S04-007R Toma, Chosen One Character  RRR  search
SE-S04-083 Toma, Hot-blooded Character  search
SE-S04-090 Toma, Lord of Geo-Fortress Character  search
SE-S04-078 Toma, Master of the Holy Sword Character  search
SE-S04-078S Toma, Master of the Holy Sword Character  SR  search
SE-S04-003 Toma, Outlaw Character  search
SE-S04-081 Toma, Overfilled with Sense of Justice Character  search
SE-S04-004 Toma, Wild Child Character  search
SE-S04-004S Toma, Wild Child Character  SR  search
SE-S04-106 Unfriendly Cyrille Character  PR  search
SE-S04-070 Unleashed Skyship Event  search
SE-S04-023 VS Boar Climax  CR  search
SE-S04-022 Will of Toma Event  search
SF-S04-109 Yellow-chan / きいろちゃん Character  PR  search
SE-S04-071 Young Lion Emperor VS La Vaes Event  search
SE-S04-084 Zenus & Zhirra Character  search
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