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Promotional Cards 1

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Promotional Cards 1: 20 cards
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P01-019 Absolute Guardian Goplion Z/X  PR  search
P01-011 Arc Bolt Aludra Z/X  PR  search
P01-003 Asuka Tennouji Player  PR  search
P01-004 Ayase Kamiyugi Player  PR  search
P01-002 Azumi Kagamihara Player  PR  search
P01-005 Chitose Aoba Player  PR  search
P01-009 Crimson Fang Ruby Howl Z/X  PR  search
P01-016 Demon of Ambition Cupiditas Z/X  PR  search
P01-008 Fallen Angel of Grief Lucifer Z/X  PR  search
P01-010 Flash Dragon Siegfried Z/X  PR  search
P01-006 Hero of World Destruction, Oda Nobunaga Z/X  PR  search
P01-014 Heroic Courage Z/X  PR  search
P01-018 Khakkhara of Patience, Sazanka Z/X  PR  search
P01-013 Lawbringer Chacraraju Z/X  PR  search
P01-001 Mikado Kurosaki Player  PR  search
P01-017 Ninja Birdman Were-Eagle Z/X  PR  search
P01-020 Prinny Club Showgirl Purin-chan Player  PR  search
P01-007 Seraph of Arrival Michael Z/X  PR  search
P01-015 Snake Bone Skeletal Viper Z/X  PR  search
P01-012 Steel Castle Promethium Z/X  PR  search
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