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Starter Deck 2: Battle Blade of the Black Beast

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Starter Deck 2: Battle Blade of the Black Beast: 17 cards
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C02-001 Ayase Kamiyugi Player  SR  search
C02-007 Captivating Performer Puccini Z/X  search
C02-003 Cymbal Music Strauss Z/X  search
C02-016 Dark Bishop Skeletal Bishop Z/X  search
C02-014 Demon of Domination Imperium Z/X  search
C02-011 Demon of Punishment, Poena Z/X  search
C02-013 Demon of Solitude, Solitos Z/X  search
C02-015 Demon Princess of the Moonlight Queen, Kaguya Z/X  search
C02-005 Erasure Machine Void Z/X  search
C02-017 Fang Crush Event  search
C02-002 Jet-Black Blade, Zieger Z/X  SR  search
C02-010 Million Rain Event  search
C02-008 Ogre Slayer Momotarou Z/X  search
C02-006 Sky Tree Rhenium Z/X  search
C02-012 Snake Bone Skeletal Viper Z/X  search
C02-004 Stringed Performer Sariel Z/X  search
C02-009 Union of Consumer Electronic Tantalum Z/X  search
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