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Promotional Cards 2

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Promotional Cards 2: 18 cards
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P02-011 Demon of Destiny, Faetos Z/X  PR  search
P02-006 Dual Katar, Aldemiran Z/X  PR  search
P02-004 Ferocious Black Stone, Jet Lion Z/X  PR  search
P02-012 Fox Girl, Were-Fox Z/X  PR  search
P02-008 Lawbringer Malubiting Z/X  PR  search
P02-002 Magical Fencer, Elnath Z/X  PR  search
P02-016 Misaki Yuzuriha Player  PR  search
P02-015 Reia Sento Player  PR  search
P02-010 Revenant, Dark Scar Z/X  PR  search
P02-014 Sera Kurashiki Player  PR  search
P02-013 Snake Spear Ruffian, Hanaichige Z/X  PR  search
P02-009 Snow Nejyu Z/X  PR  search
P02-018 Souma Kenbuchi Player  PR  search
P02-003 Splendorous Kunai, Botan Z/X  PR  search
P02-007 Steel Castle Selenium Z/X  PR  search
P02-001 The Most Evil on Earth, Ryoufu Housen Z/X  PR  search
P02-005 Twelve Mitsubuse Arrow, Nasu no Yoichi Z/X  PR  search
P02-017 Yamato Tennouji Player  PR  search
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