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Rinascimento (non-English)

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Rinascimento (non-English): 69 cards
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1 Abu Ja'far Creature  search
2 Aladdin Creature  search
3 Ali Baba Creature  search
4 Amulet of Kroog Artifact  search
5 Argothian Pixies Creature  search
6 Ashnod's Altar Artifact  search
7 Ashnod's Battle Gear Artifact  search
8 Ashnod's Transmogrant Artifact  search
9 Battering Ram Artifact  search
10 Bird Maiden Creature  search
11 Bronze Tablet Artifact  search
12 Circle of Protection: Artifacts Enchantment  search
13 City of Brass Land  search
14 Clay Statue Artifact Creature  search
15 Clockwork Avian Artifact Creature  search
16 Colossus of Sardia Artifact Creature  search
17 Coral Helm Artifact  search
18 Cuombajj Witches Creature  search
19 Cursed Rack Artifact  search
20 Cyclone Enchantment  search
21 Dandan Creature  search
22 Detonate Sorcery  search
23 Erhnam Djinn Creature  search
24 Feldon's Cane Artifact  search
25 Fishliver Oil Enchantment  search
26 Ghazbán Ogre Creature  search
27 Giant Tortoise Creature  search
28 Goblin Artisans Creature  search
29 Grapeshot Catapult Artifact Creature  search
30 Hasran Ogress Creature  search
31 Hurr Jackal Creature  search
32 Ironclaw Orcs Creature  search
33 Jalum Tome Artifact  search
34 Jeweled Bird Artifact  search
35 Junún Efreet Creature  search
36 Metamorphosis Sorcery  search
37 Mishra's Factory Land  search
38 Nafs Asp Creature  search
39 Oasis Land  search
40 Obelisk of Undoing Artifact  search
41 Rakalite Artifact  search
42 Repentant Blacksmith Creature  search
43 Sandstorm Instant  search
44 Shapeshifter Artifact  search
45 Sinnbad Creature  search
46 Strip Mine Land  search
47 Tawnos's Wand Artifact  search
48 Tawnos's Weaponry Artifact  search
49 Tetravus Artifact Creature  search
50 Triskelion Artifact Creature  search
51 Twiddle Instant  search
52 Urza's Avenger Artifact  search
56 Urza's Mine [Mouth] Land  search
54 Urza's Mine [Pulley] Land  search
55 Urza's Mine [Sphere] Land  search
53 Urza's Mine [Tower] Land  search
60 Urza's Power Plant [Boiler] Land  search
59 Urza's Power Plant [Bug] Land  search
58 Urza's Power Plant [Rock] Land  search
57 Urza's Power Plant [Turbine] Land  search
64 Urza's Tower [Forest] Land  search
63 Urza's Tower [Mountains] Land  search
62 Urza's Tower [Plains] Land  search
61 Urza's Tower [Tropical] Land  search
65 Wall of Spears Artifact  search
66 War Elephant Creature  search
67 Xenic Poltergeist Creature  search
68 Yawgmoth Demon Creature  search
69 Yotian Soldier Artifact  search
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