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Extra Pack 2: Nippon Ichi Software

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Extra Pack 2: Nippon Ichi Software: 118 cards
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E02-083 1000 Prinny Squad Z/X  search
E02-080 20 Hour Work, Without Welfare Program Event  UC  search
E02-085 Adventuring Prinny Z/X  UC  search
E02-013 Aim to be Hero, Mao Z/X  search
E02-101 Aim to be Protagonist! Asagi Z/X  Z/XR  search
E02-P01 Aim to be Protagonist! Asagi Z/X  PR  search
E02-031 Aim to Shoot, Asagi Z/X  UC  search
E02-079 Aiming for Home Run, Fuka Z/X  search
E02-056 Angel of Avarice, Artina Z/X  search
E02-061 Angry Etna Z/X  search
E02-090 Arrogant Prinny, Laharl Z/X  search
E02-105 Asagi Player  IGR  search
E02-P05 Asagi Player  PR  search
E02-027 Asagi's War Preparation Z/X  UC  search
E02-010 Attacking Laharl Z/X  search
E02-052 Awakening Angel, Pure Flonne Z/X  SR  search
E02-009 Awakening Laharl Z/X  search
E02-038 Axel the A-Virus Hazard Z/X  search
E02-032 Beach Asagi Z/X  SR  search
E02-014 Brain with 1.8 Million Evil Quotient, Mao Z/X  UC  search
E02-045 Burning Flash Flonne Z/X  search
E02-023 Cheerful Asagi Z/X  UC  search
E02-066 Cruel Etna Z/X  UC  search
E02-089 Dandy Prinny, Kurtis Z/X  search
E02-057 Dazzling Artina Z/X  UC  search
E02-015 Delinquent Girl, Raspberyl Z/X  SR  search
E02-091 Do the Best, Marona Z/X  UC  search
E02-022 Dozing Off Asagi Z/X  search
E02-063 Eating Ice Cream, Etna Z/X  UC  search
E02-018 Enjoying Victory, Mid-Boss Z/X  UC  search
E02-046 Enthusiastic Flonne Z/X  UC  search
E02-107 Etna Player  IGR  search
E02-P07 Etna Player  PR  search
E02-069 Etna the Cutting Board Z/X  search
E02-065 Etna the Sharp Tsukkomi Z/X  search
E02-102 Everyone's Best Friend, Flonne Z/X  Z/XR  search
E02-P02 Everyone's Best Friend, Flonne Z/X  PR  search
E02-012 Evilest Overlord, Laharl Z/X  SR  search
E02-030 Expressionless Asagi Z/X  search
E02-008 Feinting Laharl Z/X  UC  search
E02-076 Final Boss In Training, Desco Z/X  UC  search
E02-026 Floating Asagi Z/X  search
E02-106 Flonne Player  IGR  search
E02-P06 Flonne Player  PR  search
E02-049 Flonne the Ditz Z/X  search
E02-048 Flonne the Fallen Angel Z/X  search
E02-041 Flonne the Love Freak Z/X  UC  search
E02-064 Free Heroine, Etna Z/X  search
E02-077 Fuka the Hat-Only Prinny Z/X  search
E02-097 Genius Witch, Metallica Z/X  search
E02-081 Getting Things Done, Prinny Z/X  search
E02-050 Giving Peace Sign, Flonne Z/X  UC  search
E02-051 Go for It, Flonne Z/X  SR  search
E02-082 Go for It, Prinny Z/X  search
E02-053 God's Personal Angel, Lilliel Z/X  search
E02-058 Hand-to-Hand Combat Specialist, Priere Z/X  search
E02-021 High Spirited Asagi Z/X  search
E02-086 Historical Weakest! Hero Prinny Z/X  search
E02-028 Holding a Bread, Asagi Z/X  search
E02-P09 Idol Overlord, Laharl-chan Z/X  PR  search
E02-099 Inquisitor, Visco Z/X  UC  search
E02-074 Keep an Oath, Valvatorez Z/X  search
E02-104 Laharl Player  IGR  search
E02-P04 Laharl Player  PR  search
E02-011 Laharl's Supreme Rule Z/X  search
E02-002 Laughing Aloud, Laharl Z/X  search
E02-098 Legendary Deity, The Hundred Knights Z/X  search
E02-055 Lilliel's Powerful Support! Z/X  search
E02-071 Looking Back, Etna Z/X  search
E02-060 Love Preaching Fallen Angel Event  search
E02-017 Mao's Rival, Raspberyl Z/X  search
E02-095 Master Metallica Z/X  UC  search
E02-096 Master of the Hundred Knights, Metallica Z/X  SR  search
E02-108 Metallica Player  IGR  search
E02-P08 Metallica Player  PR  search
E02-094 Metallica the Atrocious Freedom Z/X  SR  search
E02-078 Middle School Girl, Fuka Z/X  search
E02-019 Narcissistic Mid-Boss Z/X  search
E02-039 Netherworld's Famous Person? Axel Z/X  search
E02-054 Novice Angel, Lilliel Z/X  search
E02-059 Overlord Priere Z/X  UC  search
E02-020 Overlord That Connect Two Worlds Event  UC  search
E02-035 Overlord's Only Daughter, Rozalin Z/X  SR  search
E02-100 Overthrow the Forest Witch! Event  search
E02-025 Pajama Asagi Z/X  search
E02-047 Play in the Beach, Flonne Z/X  UC  search
E02-P10 Pram the Oracle Z/X  PR  search
E02-103 Prinny Master, Etna Z/X  Z/XR  search
E02-P03 Prinny Master, Etna Z/X  PR  search
E02-034 Protecting Rozalin, Adell Z/X  UC  search
E02-006 Provoking Laharl Z/X  UC  search
E02-001 Raging Laharl Z/X  search
E02-004 Raiding Laharl Z/X  UC  search
E02-016 Raspberyl's Volunteering Hobby Z/X  search
E02-005 Receiving Challenge, Laharl Z/X  search
E02-067 Resting Etna Z/X  search
E02-084 Resting Prinny Z/X  search
E02-062 Rough Prinny User, Etna Z/X  search
E02-073 Sardine Loving Valvatorez Z/X  UC  search
E02-007 Selfish Laharl Z/X  search
E02-043 Sexy Flonne Z/X  search
E02-044 Sprawling Flonne Z/X  search
E02-037 Steamy Rozalin Z/X  UC  search
E02-072 Strongest Demon in the World, Etna Z/X  SR  search
E02-087 Stubborn Prinny, Asagi Z/X  UC  search
E02-003 Taking a Rest, Laharl Z/X  search
E02-092 Tender-Hearted Ash Z/X  search
E02-068 Throw a Prinny, Etna Z/X  search
E02-036 Together with Adell, Rozalin Z/X  search
E02-070 Unforgiving Demon, Etna Z/X  SR  search
E02-088 Unidentified? Big Sis Prinny Z/X  UC  search
E02-024 Uniform Asagi Z/X  search
E02-042 Upset Flonne Z/X  search
E02-093 User of Water Dragon's Power, Ash Z/X  search
E02-029 Vow to Become Protagonist, Asagi Z/X  search
E02-033 Vow to Overthrow Zenon, Adell Z/X  UC  search
E02-040 Watermelon Splitting Event  search
E02-075 Yearn for Fuka, Desco Z/X  UC  search
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