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Coldsnap Theme Decks

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Coldsnap Theme Decks: 62 cards
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44 Arcum's Weathervane Artifact  search
20 Ashen Ghoul Creature  search
37 Aurochs Creature  search
21 Balduvian Dead Creature  search
45 Barbed Sextant Artifact  search
8 Binding Grasp Enchantment  search
38 Bounty of the Hunt Instant  search
9 Brainstorm Instant  search
10 Browse Enchantment  search
22 Casting of Bones Enchantment  search
23 Dark Banishing Instant  search
24 Dark Ritual Instant  search
39 Deadly Insect Creature  search
32 Death Spark Instant  search
1 Disenchant Instant  search
25 Drift of the Dead Creature  search
11 Essence Flare Enchantment  search
381 Forest Basic Land  search
382 Forest Basic Land  search
383 Forest Basic Land  search
26 Gangrenous Zombies Creature  search
42 Giant Trap Door Spider Creature  search
33 Gorilla Shaman Creature  search
12 Iceberg Enchantment  search
34 Incinerate Instant  search
27 Insidious Bookworms Creature  search
372 Island Basic Land  search
373 Island Basic Land  search
374 Island Basic Land  search
28 Kjeldoran Dead Creature  search
3 Kjeldoran Elite Guard Creature  search
2 Kjeldoran Home Guard Creature  search
4 Kjeldoran Pride Enchantment  search
13 Lat-Nam's Legacy Instant  search
29 Legions of Lim-Dûl Creature  search
14 Mistfolk Creature  search
378 Mountain Basic Land  search
379 Mountain Basic Land  search
380 Mountain Basic Land  search
35 Orcish Healer Creature  search
36 Orcish Lumberjack Creature  search
30 Phantasmal Fiend Creature  search
369 Plains Basic Land  search
370 Plains Basic Land  search
371 Plains Basic Land  search
15 Portent Sorcery  search
5 Reinforcements Instant  search
6 Scars of the Veteran Instant  search
46 Skull Catapult Artifact  search
16 Snow Devil Enchantment  search
31 Soul Burn Sorcery  search
17 Storm Elemental Creature  search
375 Swamp Basic Land  search
376 Swamp Basic Land  search
377 Swamp Basic Land  search
7 Swords to Plowshares Instant  search
40 Tinder Wall Creature  search
18 Viscerid Drone Creature  search
47 Whalebone Glider Artifact  search
43 Wings of Aesthir Enchantment  search
41 Woolly Mammoths Creature  search
19 Zuran Spellcaster Creature  search
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