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Starter Deck Vol.3: Tennoji Asuka & Kamiyugi Ayase

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Starter Deck Vol.3: Tennoji Asuka & Kamiyugi Ayase: 28 cards
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C05-008 Ame the Soul Z/X  search
C05-014 Angel of Quest, Admiration Z/X  search
C05-003 Aurora Crown, Fierte Z/X  SR  search
C05-028 Black Union Event  search
C05-018 Bone Snake, Skeletal Viper Z/X  PR  search
C05-025 Business Skeleton, Skeletal Sales Z/X  UC  search
C05-023 Cavalry Assault, Kavallerist Z/X  search
C05-016 Chain Bind Event  UC  search
C05-007 Ciel the Sky Z/X  search
C05-019 Demon of Solitude, Solitus Z/X  search
C05-021 Enthusiastic Electric Chair Z/X  search
C05-009 Etoile the Star Z/X  search
C05-012 Heroic Courage Z/X  PR  search
C05-010 Holy Beast, Aura Roc Z/X  UC  search
C05-013 Holy Beast, Aura Sebek Z/X  UC  search
C05-002 Kamiyugi Ayase Player  SR  search
C05-005 Lawbringer, Distaghil Z/X  search
C05-011 Lawbringer, Yerupaja Z/X  UC  search
C05-027 Non-Stopping Jet Coaster Z/X  UC  search
C05-004 Point of Ruin, Sieger Z/X  SR  search
C05-015 Punishment Cross Event  search
C05-006 Pur the Pure Z/X  search
C05-022 Rampaging Berserk Bike Z/X  search
C05-026 Skeleton Captain, Hook Z/X  search
C05-001 Tennoji Asuka Player  SR  search
C05-020 Three Headed Mercenary, Drei Soldner Z/X  search
C05-024 Twenty Pair of Swords, Schwert Z/X  PR  search
C05-017 Wandering Head Crusher Z/X  search
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