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Starter Deck Vol.3: Kagamihara Azumi & Kurashiki Sera

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Starter Deck Vol.3: Kagamihara Azumi & Kurashiki Sera: 28 cards
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C07-005 Ambush Machine, Raid Z/X  search
C07-022 Armor Blacksmith, Reinforce Z/X  search
C07-004 Avatar of Destruction, Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X  SR  search
C07-023 Bewitching Gorgon, Lamia Z/X  search
C07-007 City Guard, Phecda Z/X  search
C07-009 Erasure Machine, Void Z/X  search
C07-008 Evaporation Machine, Evaporation Z/X  UC  search
C07-012 Extreme Performer, Horatio Z/X  search
C07-025 Ferocious Black Stone, Jet Lion Z/X  PR  search
C07-021 Flying Amethyst, Amethyst Swallow Z/X  UC  search
C07-020 Forging Blacksmith, Forge Z/X  search
C07-019 Goddess of Hunting, Artemis Z/X  search
C07-027 Indomitable Steel, Steel Leopard Z/X  UC  search
C07-011 γ-S02 Alioth Z/X  search
C07-001 Kagamihara Azumi Player  SR  search
C07-002 Kurashiki Sera Player  SR  search
C07-010 Laser Scythe Avior Z/X  search
C07-016 Million Rain Event  search
C07-003 Quantum Shooter, Rigel Z/X  SR  search
C07-015 Rapid Performer, Fitznell Z/X  UC  search
C07-017 Sagacious Silver, Silver Fox Z/X  search
C07-018 Shining Gold, Gold Peacock Z/X  search
C07-014 Steel Castle, Promethium Z/X  PR  search
C07-006 Steel Castle, Technetium Z/X  search
C07-024 Tender Glass, Glass Elephant Z/X  UC  search
C07-028 Tokyo Recapture Operation Event  UC  search
C07-013 Transformed Gladius, Molybdenum Z/X  UC  search
C07-026 Unparalleled Diamond, Diamond Giganoto Z/X  UC  search
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