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Trial Deck 2: Savage Steel

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Trial Deck 2: Savage Steel: 19 cards
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TD02-0001 Armorknight Black Drake Monster  search
TD02-0003 Armorknight Cerberus Monster  search
TD02-0003r Armorknight Cerberus Monster  RR  search
TD02-0008 Armorknight Eagle Monster  search
TD02-0002 Armorknight Griffin Monster  search
TD02-0006 Armorknight Hellhound Monster  search
TD02-0004 Armorknight Minotaur Monster  search
TD02-0005 Armorknight Ogre Monster  search
TD02-0007 Armorknight Wizard Monster  search
TD02-0011 Battle Aura Circle Spell  search
TD02-0014 Boulder Piercing Spear Item  search
TD02-0009 Crimson Slash Spell  search
TD02-0017 Danger World Flag  search
TD02-0015 Drill Bunker!! Impact  search
TD02-0015r Drill Bunker!! Impact  RR  search
TD02-0013 Hysteric Spear Item  search
TD02-0012 Invigorating Breath Spell  search
TD02-0016 My Buddy! (Armorknight Cerberus) Monster  search
TD02-0010 Survival Chance Spell  search
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