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Challenge Deck: Face the Hydra

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Challenge Deck: Face the Hydra: 15 cards
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6 Disorienting Glower Sorcery  search
7 Distract the Hydra Sorcery  search
8 Grown from the Stump Sorcery  search
1 Hydra Head Creature  search
9 Hydra's Impenetrable Hide Sorcery  search
10 Neck Tangle Sorcery  search
11 Noxious Hydra Breath Sorcery  search
2 Ravenous Brute Head Elite Creature  search
3 Savage Vigor Head Elite Creature  search
4 Shrieking Titan Head Elite Creature  search
5 Snapping Fang Head Elite Creature  search
12 Strike the Weak Spot Sorcery  search
13 Swallow the Hero Whole Sorcery  search
14 Torn Between Heads Sorcery  search
15 Unified Lunge Sorcery  search
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