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Character Pack 1: Burning Valor

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Character Pack 1: Burning Valor: 51 cards
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CP01-0039 Astral Force Spell  search
CP01-0033 Blade Wing Dragon Monster  search
CP01-0043 Blue Dragon Knights "Proud Soul Song" Spell  search
CP01-0034 Bronze Shield Dragon Monster  search
CP01-0024 Cavalry Academy Spell  search
CP01-0025 Damascus Armor Dragon Monster  search
CP01-0035 Death Rattle Dragon Monster  search
CP01-0029 Double Sword Dragon Monster  search
CP01-0041 Dragoenergy Spell  search
CP01-0038 Dragon Breath Spell  search
CP01-0014 Dragon Cavalry Arts, Ultimate Smash Impact  RR  search
CP01-0022 Dragon Crush Spell  search
CP01-0012 Dragon Knight, El Quixote Monster  RR  search
CP01-0012s Dragon Knight, El Quixote Monster  SP  search
CP01-0002 Dragon Knight, Geronimo Monster  RRR  search
CP01-0002s Dragon Knight, Geronimo Monster  SP  search
CP01-0015 Dragon Knight, Great Hammurabi Monster  search
CP01-0011 Dragon Knight, Iwamoto Monster  RR  search
CP01-0031 Dragon Knight, Jeanne d'Arc Monster  search
CP01-0009 Dragon Knight, Kamitsumiyaou Monster  RR  search
CP01-0030 Dragon Knight, Liechtenauer Monster  search
CP01-0032 Dragon Knight, Masamune Monster  search
CP01-0005 Dragon Knight, Nobunaga Monster  RRR  search
CP01-0020 Dragon Knight, Red Baron Monster  search
CP01-0018 Dragon Knight, Rudel Monster  search
CP01-0019 Dragon Knight, Wyatt Earp Monster  search
CP01-0006 Dragon Strike Arts, Dragonic Kaiser Nova Impact  RRR  search
CP01-0006s Dragon Strike Arts, Dragonic Kaiser Nova Impact  SP  search
CP01-0044 Dragonblade, Dragofearless Item  search
CP01-0021 Dragonic Formation Spell  search
CP01-0037 Dragonic Thunder Spell  search
CP01-0017 Drum Bunker Dragon Monster  search
CP01-0026 Firerod Dragon Monster  search
CP01-0023 Green Dragon Shield Spell  search
CP01-0027 Hammer Mace Dragon Monster  search
CP01-0007 Inferno Armor Dragon Monster  RR  search
CP01-0003 Jackknife "Aggressor" Monster  RRR  search
CP01-0003s Jackknife "Aggressor" Monster  SP  search
CP01-0045 Jackknife "Dispersal" Monster  BR  search
CP01-0010 Jackknife "Thunder Storm" Monster  RR  search
CP01-0016 Jackknife Dragon Monster  search
CP01-0028 Katzbalger Drake Monster  search
CP01-0001 Purgatory Knights, Death Sickle Dragon Monster  RRR  search
CP01-0001s Purgatory Knights, Death Sickle Dragon Monster  SP  search
CP01-0042 Red Dragon Knights "Burning Devastation Song" Spell  search
CP01-0036 Slash Strike, Dragoslasher Spell  search
CP01-0008 Super Armordragon, Aura Sword Dragon Monster  RR  search
CP01-0004 Thunder Knights, Halberd Dragon Monster  RRR  search
CP01-0004s Thunder Knights, Halberd Dragon Monster  SP  search
CP01-0013 Twin Dragonblades, Dragoanthem Item  RR  search
CP01-0040 Wrath of Dragon Spell  search
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