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Extra Booster 1: Immortal Entities

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Extra Booster 1: Immortal Entities: 54 cards
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EB01-0011 Bandit Ninja, Goemon Monster  search
EB01-0018 Blow-hammer Dragon Monster  search
EB01-0024 Blue Dragon, Thunder Horn Monster  search
EB01-0045 Bold Dragon Spell  search
EB01-0043 Dies, Azurite Dragon Monster  search
EB01-0004 Dimensional Demonic Dragon, Ladis the Tyrant Monster  RR  search
EB01-0004s Dimensional Demonic Dragon, Ladis the Tyrant Monster  SP  search
EB01-0029 Dirge Drill Dragon Monster  search
EB01-0007 Divine Dragon Creation Spell  RR  search
EB01-0009 Dragobulk Stormschlag Impact  search
EB01-0046 Dragon Dreams Spell  search
EB01-0016 Dragon Emperor Legend Spell  search
EB01-0017 Dragon Flame Cascade Spell  search
EB01-0028 Dragon Knight, Gilles de Rais Monster  search
EB01-0003 Dragon Knight, Richard Monster  RR  search
EB01-0003s Dragon Knight, Richard Monster  SP  search
EB01-0030 Dragon Knight, Socrates Monster  search
EB01-0044 Dragon Outlaw Spell  search
EB01-0047 Dragon Thunder Spell  search
EB01-0031 Dragonic Dash Spell  search
EB01-0026 Dragonlution Spell  search
EB01-0025 Dragonverse Spell  search
EB01-0032 Dragospeed Spell  search
EB01-0012 Duel Sieger "Spartand" Monster  search
EB01-0002 Duel Sieger "Tempest Enforcer" Monster  RRR  search
EB01-0002s Duel Sieger "Tempest Enforcer" Monster  SP  search
EB01-0006 Evil Crusher, Steel Dragon Barrage! Impact  RR  search
EB01-0006s Evil Crusher, Steel Dragon Barrage! Impact  SP  search
EB01-0010 Evil Sins, Shumokuzame Monster  search
EB01-0042 Feather Dragon, Talwar Monster  search
EB01-0015 Flame Dragon Emperor, Magmanova Monster  search
EB01-0039 Flame Fairy Dragon, Tialvette Monster  search
EB01-0005 Fortune Dragon, Forbolka Monster  RR  search
EB01-0035 Gold Dragon, Abend Monster  search
EB01-0020 Hundred Face Ninja, Muraku Monster  search
EB01-0038 Ice Dragon Emperor, Glacies Monster  search
EB01-0036 Ice Dragon, Knoke-isle Monster  search
EB01-0041 Ice Fairy Dragon, Garbolette Monster  search
EB01-0019 Ironchain Dragon Monster  search
EB01-0013 Martial Arts Dragon Emperor, Duel Sieger Monster  search
EB01-0034 Ninja Arts, Half-kill Spell  search
EB01-0027 Rise & Fall of Dragons Spell  search
EB01-0023 Rock Dragon Emperor, Vragos Monster  search
EB01-0021 Silver Dragon, Adelaide Monster  search
EB01-0014 Space Dragon Emperor, Galiazond Monster  search
EB01-0014s Space Dragon Emperor, Galiazond Monster  SP  search
EB01-0022 Storm Dragon Emperor, Thundertornado Monster  search
EB01-0001 Sun Fist, Sunshine Impact Item  RRR  search
EB01-0001s Sun Fist, Sunshine Impact Item  SP  search
EB01-0033 Sword Skill Bare Hand Intercept Spell  search
EB01-0008 Systemic Dagger "Onca" Monster  search
EB01-0048 Thunder Knights, Drum Bunker Dragon Monster  BR  search
EB01-0037 Vitesse, Purple Diamond Dragon Monster  search
EB01-0040 Wind Fairy Dragon, Sufa Monster  search
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