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Starter Deck Vol.4: Advances of the Hero King

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Starter Deck Vol.4: Advances of the Hero King: 23 cards
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C08-018 Bell Sound, Sciarrino Z/X  search
C08-016 Erasure Machine, Void Z/X  search
C08-015 Evaporation Machine, Evaporation Z/X  UC  search
C08-005 Flower of Warring States, Mori Ranmaru Z/X  search
C08-004 Goddess of Fate, Verdandi Z/X  UC  search
C08-007 Goddess of Fortune, Lakshmi Z/X  search
C08-013 Goddess of Wisdom, Minerva Z/X  UC  search
C08-011 Graceful Crystal, Crystal Swan Z/X  search
C08-002 Great Hero of Blazing Sun, Alexander Z/X  SR  search
C08-006 Handgun Craftsman, Quick Draw Z/X  search
C08-001 Kurosaki Mikado Player  SR  search
C08-012 Musketeer of Oath, D'Artagnan Z/X  UC  search
C08-003 Original XIII Type.VII "Ju17Ca" Z/X  SR  search
C08-014 Plague Machine, Pox Z/X  UC  search
C08-019 Rapid Performer, Fitznell Z/X  UC  search
C08-022 Secret Plan Event  UC  search
C08-010 Shipbuilding Engineer, Jemina Z/X  search
C08-020 Space Station, Hassium Z/X  search
C08-009 Swift Tourmaline, Tourmaline Hawk Z/X  UC  search
C08-008 Talented Beauty, Kou Getsuei Z/X  UC  search
C08-023 The Cat Returns Event  search
C08-017 Transformed Gladius, Molybdenum Z/X  UC  search
C08-021 Transformed Locomotive, Lanthanum Z/X  PR  search
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