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BSC17: Dazzling Ultimate King

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BSC17: Dazzling Ultimate King: 23 cards
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22 Ex-Dos-Monkey Spirit/Burst  Promo  search
23 Ex-Kiji-Toria Spirit/Burst  Promo  search
21 Ex-One-Kengo Spirit/Burst  Promo  search
16 The CorpseKing Ultimate-Gi-Gasha Ultimate  X Rare  search
15 The UltimateExplosion Ultimate-Bazzel Ultimate  X Rare  search
9 The UltimateMarshal Ultimate-Lay-Saurer Ultimate  Master Rare  search
1 Ultimate-Bladra Ultimate  Common  search
4 Ultimate-Don-Diegod Ultimate  Rare  search
20 Ultimate-Glazar Ultimate  Promo  search
13 Ultimate-Gordias Ultimate  Master Rare  search
6 Ultimate-Grant-Benkei Ultimate  Rare  search
10 Ultimate-Hipogrifee Ultimate  Uncommon  search
7 Ultimate-Igua-Buggy Ultimate  Uncommon  search
19 Ultimate-Lord-Dragon Ultimate  Promo  search
17 Ultimate-Onikuwaga Ultimate  X Rare  search
14 Ultimate-Orion Ultimate  Rare  search
12 Ultimate-Sea-Serpendar Ultimate  Uncommon  search
5 Ultimate-Sekkohkiji Ultimate  Uncommon  search
3 Ultimate-Soulhorse Ultimate  Uncommon  search
8 Ultimate-Sunk-Shine Ultimate  Rare  search
2 Ultimate-Swordmaster-Dragon Ultimate  Rare  search
11 Ultimate-Tamamoin Ultimate  Rare  search
18 Ultimate-Trickster Ultimate  X Rare  search
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