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Booster 9: Awakening of the Champions

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Booster 9: Awakening of the Champions: 114 cards
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B09-073 Angled Beast King, Winkel Z/X  UC  search
B09-108 Aoba Chitose Player  IGR  search
B09-113 Aoba Chitose Player  CVR  search
B09-004 Apprentice Crossbow Craftsman, Quarrel Z/X  search
B09-085 Aquatic Beastman, Were-Hippopo Z/X  UC  search
B09-024 Awakened Type.V Z/X  search
B09-028 Barrage Machine, Swing Blow Z/X  search
B09-032 Battleship, Albireo Z/X  UC  search
B09-093 Beastman, Were-Okojo Z/X  search
B09-089 Beauty Azalea, Azalea Caterpillar Z/X  search
B09-097 Best Friend Shopping Event  search
B09-003 Black Prince, Edward Z/X  search
B09-039 Blade & Rapier Event  search
B09-070 Bloody Berserker, Bloodstain Z/X  search
B09-025 Brass Devil, Eryth Z/X  UC  search
B09-026 Brave Tempest, Cursa Z/X  search
B09-012 Chromatic Dragon, Ammolite Euoploce Z/X  search
B09-101 Contest "A-Z" Z/X  Z/XR  search
B09-103 Contest Feuille Z/X  Z/XR  search
B09-102 Contest Luxuria Z/X  Z/XR  search
B09-062 Crashing Touchdown Z/X  UC  search
B09-075 Crimson Blood General, General Blood Z/X  SR  search
B09-005 Cunning Man of Turbulent Times, Z/X  search
B09-030 Cutting Machine, Cutting Z/X  search
B09-009 Dawn of Ten Heavens, Kuther Mashaka Z/X  SR  search
B09-083 Dazzling Sickle Spear, Gyokushinka Z/X  search
B09-069 Decaying Comfy Z/X  search
B09-066 Demon of Betrayal, Dido Z/X  search
B09-063 Demon Princess of Desire, Opti Z/X  search
B09-021 Destruction Machine, Destroy Z/X  UC  search
B09-037 Disk Cut Countless Event  search
B09-002 Double Headed Demonic Dog, Orthros Z/X  UC  search
B09-013 Double Headed Winged Serpent, Amphisbaena Z/X  search
B09-015 Double-Edged Rose Quartz, Rose Quartz Bull Z/X  UC  search
B09-077 Ecstasy Time Event  search
B09-091 Eight Great Dragon Kings, Upananda Z/X  SR  search
B09-095 Enjoying Holiday, Parallel Z/X  UC  search
B09-045 Evilbane, Alberta Z/X  search
B09-048 Evilbane, Parnassus Z/X  search
B09-011 Female Pirate, Anne Bonny Z/X  search
B09-007 Female Pirate, Mary Read Z/X  UC  search
B09-086 Firm Horned Figner, Aochidori Z/X  search
B09-096 Five Heads - Heavenly Eye Ninja, Were-Jaguar Z/X  SR  search
B09-027 Fort Queen, Tellurium Z/X  search
B09-035 Gate Bridge, Iron Z/X  UC  search
B09-006 Gatekeeper of the Otherworld, Pabilsag Z/X  UC  search
B09-100 Green Stream Event  search
B09-064 Gula the Hunger Z/X  search
B09-034 Gun Quartet, Diadem Z/X  search
B09-043 Holy Beast, Aura Afanc Z/X  UC  search
B09-049 Holy Beast, Aura Garm Z/X  search
B09-052 Holy Beast, Aura Gurangatch Z/X  search
B09-099 I Loves Prank ♥ Event  UC  search
B09-060 Indomitable Guardian Event  UC  search
B09-080 It's Injection Time Event  UC  search
B09-029 Itsukushima Mechanical Deity, Zirconium Z/X  search
B09-014 Jousting Maestro, Joust Z/X  search
B09-046 Juillet the July Z/X  UC  search
B09-105 Kagamihara Azumi Player  IGR  search
B09-110 Kagamihara Azumi Player  CVR  search
B09-107 Kamiyugi Ayase Player  IGR  search
B09-112 Kamiyugi Ayase Player  CVR  search
B09-018 Killer Tooth Event  search
B09-104 Kurashiki Sera Player  IGR  search
B09-109 Kurashiki Sera Player  CVR  search
B09-054 Laplace's Demon, Kashi Brum Z/X  SR  search
B09-087 Largest Giant Insect, Elephant Beetle Z/X  search
B09-044 Lawbringer, Helen Z/X  search
B09-055 Lawbringer, Snowdome Z/X  search
B09-058 Meditation Cosmos Event  search
B09-020 Moonlight Night Routine Event  UC  search
B09-090 Multicolored Birdman, Were-Poisseau Z/X  UC  search
B09-040 New Unit Formation! Event  UC  search
B09-053 No.1 Host, Asian Z/X  search
B09-038 Noblesse Oblige Event  UC  search
B09-072 One Wing of Fate Awakening, Agarie Arle Z/X  search
B09-051 One Wing of Fate Awakening, Soraumi Jupiel Z/X  search
B09-033 Original XIII Type.V "Vb11De" Z/X  SR  search
B09-079 Osotogari Event  search
B09-088 Panda Girl, Were-L'ours Z/X  search
B09-001 Penetrating Eyed Anatase, Anatase Owl Z/X  search
B09-031 Percussion Princess, Larocha Z/X  search
B09-047 Popular Actor, Genetta Z/X  search
B09-017 Proof of Growth Event  search
B09-010 Quarrying Craftsman, Carriere Z/X  search
B09-008 Red Sea King, Agate Killer Whale Z/X  search
B09-071 Red-Eyes of Darkness, Nacht Z/X  UC  search
B09-059 Reject Blow Event  search
B09-092 Scenic Trip, Paddle Z/X  search
B09-094 Serene Wooden Sword, Momoha Z/X  UC  search
B09-076 Seven Deadly Sins - Demon of Gluttony, Gula Z/X  SR  search
B09-041 Shaman Kurilian Z/X  UC  search
B09-114 Shishishima Nanao Player  IGR  search
B09-082 Siesta Loving Hyssop Pink Z/X  search
B09-036 Sky Grand Battleship, Tungsten Z/X  SR  search
B09-065 Swift Halter Z/X  search
B09-061 Timid Revenant, Faintheart Z/X  search
B09-019 Toxic Breath Event  UC  search
B09-081 Toxic Cactus, Poison Tagame Z/X  search
B09-022 Transformed Ferris Wheel, Praseodymium Z/X  search
B09-057 Trident Discharge Event  UC  search
B09-056 Twelve Apostles - Libra Zuriel Z/X  SR  search
B09-098 Twinkle Smile ☆ Event  UC  search
B09-068 Unpleasant Noise, Blackboard Z/X  search
B09-074 Unwinding Wicker Man Z/X  search
B09-084 Upananda During Training Z/X  search
B09-067 Vast Thunderbolt, Donnerschlag Z/X  UC  search
B09-078 Vermilion Feather Event  UC  search
B09-050 Vigueur the Vigour Z/X  UC  search
B09-023 Vocal Princess, Melchior Z/X  search
B09-016 Warlord of Z/X  SR  search
B09-106 Yuzuriha Misaki Player  IGR  search
B09-111 Yuzuriha Misaki Player  CVR  search
B09-042 Zuriel's Maiden Times Z/X  search
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