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Extra Pack 3: Kaiten Mutenmaru

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Extra Pack 3: Kaiten Mutenmaru: 57 cards
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E03-012 5th Anchor 4, Anchor Gill Z/X  search
E03-019 Agni Tempest Event  UC  search
E03-008 All Members of World Monsters Countermeasures Office! Z/X  search
E03-022 Ambitious Girl, Eryth Z/X  search
E03-015 Angelic Singing Voice, Umimi Z/X  search
E03-032 Astal the Explosive Flames Z/X  search
E03-041 Bonds with Comrades, Mutenmaru Z/X  Z/XR  search
E03-P01 Bonds with Comrades, Mutenmaru Z/X  PR  search
E03-016 Chef of Choral, Tetsujin Z/X  UC  search
E03-001 Childhood Friend, Kurara Z/X  search
E03-035 Cocoon of Devil King, Kid Z/X  search
E03-031 Conflict Between Freedom and Bonds, Sisera Z/X  UC  search
E03-024 Crystal Devil, Crocell Z/X  UC  search
E03-025 Culprit Gentleman, Sick Z/X  UC  search
E03-013 Descendant of Divine Beast, Grinbear Z/X  search
E03-037 Destroying Everything, Sisera Z/X  SR  search
E03-021 Doctor Who Loves Little Sister, Thia Z/X  search
E03-038 Fatal Storm Event  search
E03-020 Fresh Skill - Prominence Salmon Event  search
E03-028 Guide of Despair, Sick Z/X  search
E03-010 Hero of Megapolis, Anchor 4 Z/X  UC  search
E03-P06 Last Song, Sisera Z/X  PR  search
E03-014 Light of Hope, Mutenmaru Z/X  SR  search
E03-017 Loves to Battle, Siam Z/X  SR  search
E03-029 Mad Scientist, Thia Z/X  search
E03-033 Magic User, Ritol Z/X  search
E03-011 Make a Big Haul, Siam Z/X  UC  search
E03-042 Mermaid Princess, Umimi Z/X  Z/XR  search
E03-P02 Mermaid Princess, Umimi Z/X  PR  search
E03-044 Mutenmaru Player  IGR  search
E03-P08 Mutenmaru Player  PR  search
E03-007 Mutenmaru's Partner, Kurakichi Z/X  search
E03-005 Neko Neko Gang Big Sis, Siam Z/X  search
E03-018 Ninety Nine Kunai Event  UC  search
E03-P07 One Who Seek for Power, Kid Z/X  PR  search
E03-004 Overcoming Despair, Mutenmaru Z/X  search
E03-P05 Protecting Friends, Mutenmaru Z/X  PR  search
E03-027 Scream of Despair, Trishna Z/X  search
E03-002 Seal Unleashed, Shinobu Z/X  search
E03-036 Searching for Toy, Jagan Z/X  UC  search
E03-046 Siam Merluza Player  IGR  search
E03-P10 Siam Merluza Player  PR  search
E03-047 Sick Valachlorophenol Player  IGR  search
E03-P11 Sick Valachlorophenol Player  PR  search
E03-034 Sick's Companion, Eryth & Ritol Z/X  SR  search
E03-030 Sickle User, Eryth Z/X  UC  search
E03-006 Sincere Samurai, Mutenmaru Z/X  UC  search
E03-040 Song of Destruction Event  search
E03-003 Soothing Song, Umimi Z/X  search
E03-023 Taciturn Girl, Ritol Z/X  search
E03-009 True Hero, Shinobu Z/X  search
E03-045 Umimi Seala Player  IGR  search
E03-P09 Umimi Seala Player  PR  search
E03-026 Unlucky Little Rascals, Leo Leo Giza Gang Z/X  search
E03-043 Unyielding Bakeneko, Siam Z/X  Z/XR  search
E03-P03 Unyielding Bakeneko, Siam Z/X  PR  search
E03-039 Whisper Into Despair Event  UC  search
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