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Trial Deck 6: Dark Pulse

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Trial Deck 6: Dark Pulse: 19 cards
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TD06-0007 Black Dragon, Death Gracia Monster  search
TD06-0008 Black Dragon, Decipiens Monster  search
TD06-0003 Black Dragon, Dividers Monster  search
TD06-0005 Black Dragon, Tarandus Monster  search
TD06-0014 Black Revenger Spell  search
TD06-0017 Black Sword, Heartbreaker Item  search
TD06-0020 Darkness Dragon World Flag  search
TD06-0016 Death Claw, Grim Reaper Item  search
TD06-0011 Death Damage Spell  search
TD06-0004 Death Ruler, Abriel Monster  search
TD06-0010 Death Ruler, Alea Monster  search
TD06-0018 Demonic Strike Arts, Death Requiem Impact  search
TD06-0015 Midnight Shadow Spell  search
TD06-0009 Purgatory Knights, Blackknife Dragon Monster  search
TD06-0006 Purgatory Knights, Giant Scissor Dragon Monster  search
TD06-0001 Purgatory Knights, Malice Force Dragon Monster  search
TD06-0012 Sudden DEATH! Spell  search
TD06-0002 There is Only Death, Dalleon Monster  search
TD06-0013 Vampire Fang Spell  search
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