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Booster Set 4: Darkness Fable

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Booster Set 4: Darkness Fable: 118 cards
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BT04-0042 Abyss Symphony Spell  search
BT04-0103 Actor Knights Devil Monster  search
BT04-0074 Actor Knights Fortune Monster  search
BT04-0058 Ainsel's Damage Rebound Spell  search
BT04-0044 Arcana Flash Spell  search
BT04-0027 Armored Dragon, Cuelebre Monster  search
BT04-0091 Berserk Gard Spell  search
BT04-0101 Black Dragon Shield Spell  search
BT04-0068 Black Dragon, Cold Blade Monster  search
BT04-0097 Black Dragon, Death Hang Monster  search
BT04-0066 Black Dragon, Fundula Monster  search
BT04-0006 Black Dragon, Maveltaker Monster  RRR  search
BT04-0006s Black Dragon, Maveltaker Monster  SP  search
BT04-0100 Black Dragon, Needle Fang Monster  search
BT04-0038 Bloody Moon Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0035 Breathen Gard Spell  search
BT04-0080 Center Sword Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0025 Colossal Sea Monster, Cetus Monster  search
BT04-0050 Corpse Swallower, Hraesvelgr Monster  search
BT04-0073 Dark Energy Spell  search
BT04-0099 Dark Stalker Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0039 Death Dragon, Deathgaze Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0039s Death Dragon, Deathgaze Dragon Monster  SP  search
BT04-0041 Death Grip Spell  search
BT04-0041s Death Grip Spell  SP  search
BT04-0098 Death Ruler, Atihima Monster  search
BT04-0069 Death Ruler, Burial Monster  search
BT04-0067 Death Ruler, Cremation Monster  search
BT04-0017 Death Ruler, Curse Monster  RR  search
BT04-0065 Death Ruler, Executei Monster  search
BT04-0040 Death Ruler, Gallows Monster  search
BT04-0040s Death Ruler, Gallows Monster  SP  search
BT04-0064 Death Ruler, Pain Monster  search
BT04-0096 Death Ruler, Soulbreaker Monster  search
BT04-0070 Death Shield Spell  search
BT04-0018 Death Wizard Dragon Monster  RR  search
BT04-0034 Decree of Dullahan Spell  search
BT04-0003 Demon Wolf, Fenrir Monster  RRR  search
BT04-0026 Demonic Beast, Grendel Monster  search
BT04-0102 Demonic Talon, Vampire Claw Item  search
BT04-0045 Destroy Hammer Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0007 Devil Stigma Spell  RRR  search
BT04-0094 Divine Armor, Aegis Item  search
BT04-0037 Divine Protection, Prydwen Item  search
BT04-0087 Divine Stallion, Pegasus Monster  search
BT04-0077 Dragon Knight, Musashi Monster  search
BT04-0009 Dragon Knight, Napoleon Monster  RR  search
BT04-0056 Dragon Vanquishing Emperor, Beowulf Monster  search
BT04-0062 Dragon Vanquishing Sword, Balmung Item  search
BT04-0047 Dragonic Counter Spell  search
BT04-0049 Dragonic Force Field Spell  search
BT04-0060 Elixir of Aesculapius Spell  search
BT04-0082 Enchant Wand Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0043 Evil Death Scythe Item  search
BT04-0095 Famous Sword, Hrunting Item  search
X-SS01002 Fifth Omni Super Dragon Great Emperor, Kaizer Drum Monster  RR  search
BT04-0075 Forbidden Edge Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0104 Fortune-shield Spell  search
BT04-0052 Frost Giant, Hrimthurs Monster  search
BT04-0054 Furious Unicorn Monster  search
BT04-0023 Gargantua Blade, Black Smasher Item  search
BT04-0085 Getters Cursed Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0092 Gleipnir Spell  search
BT04-0028 Golden Blade, Chrysaor Monster  search
BT04-0012 Gorgon Three Sisters, Euryale Monster  RR  search
BT04-0029 Gorgon Three Sisters, Medusa Monster  search
BT04-0086 Gorgon Three Sisters, Stheno Monster  search
BT04-0004 Great Magician, Merlin Monster  RRR  search
BT04-0059 Great Spell, Fimbulwinter Spell  search
BT04-0032 Great Spell, Ragnarok Spell  search
BT04-0032s Great Spell, Ragnarok Spell  SP  search
BT04-0033 Great Spell, Thunder of Zeus Spell  search
BT04-0071 Guillotine Cutter Spell  search
BT04-0089 Heroic Spirit Spell  search
BT04-0093 Holy Grail Spell  search
BT04-0031 Ice Blade, Joker Monster  search
BT04-0031s Ice Blade, Joker Monster  SP  search
BT04-0036 Immortal Sword, Durandal Item  search
BT04-0036s Immortal Sword, Durandal Item  SP  search
BT04-0083 Iron Dragon, Tarasque Monster  search
BT04-0010 Jackknife "Berserker" Monster  RR  search
BT04-0011 Jackknife "Burn Energy" Monster  RR  search
BT04-0002 Jackknife "Gold Ritter" Item  RRR  search
BT04-0002s Jackknife "Gold Ritter" Item  SP  search
BT04-0021 Jackknife "Jaeger" Monster  search
BT04-0048 Jackknife Gift Spell  search
BT04-0019 Judgement Day Spell  RR  search
BT04-0014 King of Forest, Zlatorog Monster  RR  search
BT04-0055 Knights of the Round Table, Galahad Monster  search
BT04-0057 Knights of the Round Table, Gareth Monster  search
BT04-0053 Knights of the Round Table, Gawain Monster  search
BT04-0013 Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur Monster  RR  search
BT04-0013s Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur Monster  SP  search
BT04-0084 Knights of the Round Table, Percival Monster  search
BT04-0078 Left Sword Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0072 Lunatic Spell  search
BT04-0020 Nightmare Despair Impact  RR  search
BT04-0088 Power of Mythology Spell  search
BT04-0105 Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword Dragon Monster  BR  search
BT04-0079 Right Sword Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0024 Roaring Slash!! Gargantua Punisher!! Impact  search
BT04-0024s Roaring Slash!! Gargantua Punisher!! Impact  SP  search
BT04-0063 Rune Staff Item  search
BT04-0061 Shield of Achilles Spell  search
BT04-0008 Slow Pain Fall Impact  RRR  search
BT04-0008s Slow Pain Fall Impact  SP  search
BT04-0046 Spike Shoulder "Blazing" Monster  search
BT04-0030 Spring Heeled Jack Monster  search
BT04-0001 Super Armordragon, Gargantua Blade Dragon Monster  RRR  search
BT04-0001s Super Armordragon, Gargantua Blade Dragon Monster  SP  search
BT04-0005 Sword of the King, Excalibur Item  RRR  search
BT04-0016 Symbel Gard Spell  RR  search
BT04-0090 The Wydar Sarkal Spell  search
BT04-0076 Thunder Knights, Pallasch Sword Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0022 Twin Horned King of Knights, Alexander Monster  search
BT04-0081 Viking Sword Dragon Monster  search
BT04-0051 Wawel Drache Monster  search
BT04-0015 Wind Fairy, Sylph Monster  RR  search
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