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Starter Deck 26: New Sun

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Starter Deck 26: New Sun: 17 cards
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14 Dragonic Wall Magic/Burst  Common  search
13 Fatal Draw Spell  Common  search
2 Ryuuman-Charger Spirit  Common  search
4 Ryuuman-Rebellion Spirit  Common  search
7 Ryuuman-Skyhigh Ultimate  Common  search
3 Ryuuman-Wisword Spirit  Uncommon  search
15 Sunbreaker Spell  Rare  search
5 Testarossa-Dragon Spirit/Burst  Uncommon  search
12 The Big Flagship Dragonic Nexus  Common  search
11 The Burning Sacred Place of Dragons Nexus  Uncommon  search
9 The FireLance Altair Brave  Common  search
10 The MarsHatchet Elnath Brave  Common  search
17 The SunDeitySword Sol-Calibur Brave  X Rare  search
1 Thrust-Shepherd Spirit  Common  search
16 Ultimate-Ark Ultimate  X Rare  search
6 Ultimate-Bronze-Wurm Ultimate  Common  search
8 Ultimate-Dracorex Ultimate  Master Rare  search
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