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Booster Set 5: Break to the Future

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Booster Set 5: Break to the Future: 147 cards
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BT05-0062 57th Generation Great Magician Merlin, Unryu Togetsu Monster  search
BT05-0080 Accel End Spell  search
BT05-0086 Actor Knights Death Monster  search
BT05-0055 Actor Knights Judgement Monster  search
BT05-0131 Actor Knights Strength Monster  search
BT05-0133 Actor Knights Temperance Monster  search
BT05-0132 Actor Knights Tower Monster  search
BT05-0005 Artificial Angel, Virginie Casta Monster  RRR  search
BT05-0005s Artificial Angel, Virginie Casta Monster  SP  search
BT05-0068 Arts of Heat Haze Spell  search
BT05-0090 Behemoth Claymore Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0104 Bestie! Spell  search
BT05-0084 Black Agenda Spell  search
BT05-0128 Black Armor Spell  search
BT05-0008 Black Dragon of Demise, Death Tallica Monster  RRR  search
BT05-0008s Black Dragon of Demise, Death Tallica Monster  SP  search
BT05-0022 Black Dragon, Spinechiller Monster  RR  search
BT05-0073 Black Knight, Goldred Monster  search
BT05-0117 Black Knight, Hell Rapier Monster  search
BT05-0089 Blade of Athame Item  search
BT05-0127 Bloody Dance Spell  search
BT05-0093 Blue Sky Knights, Bonblade Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0054 Brutal Disaster! Impact  search
BT05-0134 Burn Ship Soul Spell  search
BT05-0135 Card Burn Monster  BR  search
BT05-0018 Cat Shadow, Aoihime Monster  RR  search
BT05-0004 Cavalry Dragon, Hyperion Item  RRR  search
BT05-0004s Cavalry Dragon, Hyperion Item  SP  search
BT05-0087 Celtic Cross Spread Spell  search
BT05-0035 Check It Out! Spell  search
BT05-0129 Crisis Field Spell  search
BT05-0052 Crush that Body, and Sustain Mine Spell  search
BT05-0077 Dead Scream Spell  search
BT05-0050 Death Astray Spell  search
BT05-0079 Death Counter Spell  search
BT05-0078 Death Game Spell  search
BT05-0125 Death Ruler, Asphyxia Monster  search
BT05-0048 Death Ruler, Averia Monster  search
BT05-0123 Death Ruler, Deathcusion Monster  search
BT05-0126 Death Ruler, Gespenst Monster  search
BT05-0021 Death Ruler, Gruen Monster  RR  search
BT05-0047 Death Ruler, Mastermind Monster  search
BT05-0113 Death Ruler, Skull Monster  search
BT05-0007 Death Ruler, Thirteen Monster  RRR  search
BT05-0007s Death Ruler, Thirteen Monster  SP  search
BT05-0063 Demon Realm Architect, Gamigin Monster  search
BT05-0103 Demon Realm Scholar, Purson Monster  search
BT05-0031 Demon Sommelier, Zagan Monster  search
BT05-0112 Demon Swordsman, Deathstorm Monster  search
BT05-0110 Demon Way, Kiribusuma Spell  search
BT05-0114 Demonic Dark Emperor, Grobius Monster  search
BT05-0094 Diamond Shield Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0067 Disperser of Conflagration, Shiromizuchi Monster  search
BT05-0053 Distortion Punisher!! Impact  search
BT05-0053s Distortion Punisher!! Impact  SP  search
BT05-0041 Diversion Troublemaker, Bakemujina Monster  search
BT05-0044 Divine Demon Slayer, Amenoohahari Monster  search
BT05-0099 Dragon Arms, Dragokeeper Item  search
BT05-0061 Dragon Cavalry Arts, The Glorious Legacy Impact  search
BT05-0058 Dragon Knight, Bokuden Monster  search
BT05-0092 Dragon Knight, Crazy Horse Monster  search
BT05-0091 Dragon Knight, Hartman Monster  search
BT05-0028 Dragon Knight, Mitsuhide Monster  search
BT05-0027 Dragon Knight, Motonari Monster  search
BT05-0011 Dragon Knight, Spartax Monster  RR  search
BT05-0012 Dragon Knight, Tomoe Monster  RR  search
BT05-0030 Dragon Trust Spell  search
BT05-0097 Dragonic Survey Spell  search
BT05-0101 Dragowizard, Gan Alkimia Monster  search
BT05-0102 Dragowizard, Mitschuler Monster  search
BT05-0019 Electric Speed Ninja, Inazuma Monster  RR  search
BT05-0070 Elite Sword, Juzumaru Item  search
BT05-0066 Epic Fail! Spell  search
BT05-0105 Fang Style Ninja, Kibashachi Monster  search
BT05-0013 Gauntlet Sword Dragon Monster  RR  search
BT05-0065 Gentleman, Malphas Monster  search
BT05-0098 Gold Dragon Shield Spell  search
BT05-0009 Great Evil Dragon, Samael Apocalypse Monster  RRR  search
BT05-0009s Great Evil Dragon, Samael Apocalypse Monster  SP  search
BT05-0057 Great Labrys Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0016 Great Spell, Devil's Rock and Roll Spell  RR  search
BT05-0016s Great Spell, Devil's Rock and Roll Spell  SP  search
BT05-0038 Gunrod, Del Gesu Item  search
BT05-0124 Hades Knight, Goldba Monster  search
BT05-0119 Hand of Muramasa, Katsukiyo Monster  search
BT05-0096 Knight Counter Spell  search
BT05-0045 Lamenting Black Steel, Balomdahl Monster  search
BT05-0082 Life Dwells in the Flames of Hades Too Spell  search
BT05-0040 Lock Ninja, Setsui Monster  search
BT05-0108 Loud Laugh Ninja, Fugumaru Monster  search
BT05-0032 Magic Artist, Andy Monster  search
BT05-0037 Magic School, Sephirot Spell  search
BT05-0039 Martial Artist, Osumi Monster  search
BT05-0029 Missile Bunker Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0051 Nightmare Revive Spell  search
BT05-0033 No Pain No Gain Spell  search
BT05-0115 Obsidian Mane, Grieva Monster  search
BT05-0088 One Oracle Spell  search
BT05-0060 One to One Spell  search
BT05-0034 Overstand! Spell  search
BT05-0083 Pain Field Spell  search
BT05-0106 Perfect Beauty, Hyoshi Shirasagi Monster  search
BT05-0076 Purgatory Flame that Resides Within the Body Spell  search
BT05-0130 Purgatory Hyme, "The Cursed Being of the Faraway Homeland" Spell  search
BT05-0046 Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0046s Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword Dragon Monster  SP  search
BT05-0116 Purgatory Knights, Blood Axe Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0024 Purgatory Knights, Crossbow Dragon Monster  RR  search
BT05-0074 Purgatory Knights, Cruel Command Monster  search
BT05-0025 Purgatory Knights, Forever Spell  RR  search
BT05-0010 Purgatory Knights, Gairahm Lance Dragon Monster  RRR  search
BT05-0121 Purgatory Knights, Iron Gerd Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0049 Purgatory Knights, Knuckleduster Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0072 Purgatory Knights, Mad Halberd Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0118 Purgatory Knights, Silver Staff Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0023 Purgatory Knights, Sword Breaker Dragon Monster  RR  search
BT05-0085 Purgatory Sword, Fatal Item  search
BT05-0081 Redupsion Blood Spell  search
BT05-0107 Runaway Female Ninja, Yukishiro Monster  search
BT05-0042 Secret Sword, Comet Impact  search
BT05-0071 Secret Sword, Glittering Star Impact  search
BT05-0043 Secret Sword, Morning Star Impact  search
BT05-0095 Separate Whip Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0075 Shooter of Magic Bullets, Gaspard Monster  search
BT05-0100 Sky Poet, Amon Monster  search
BT05-0036 Solomon's Great Barrier Spell  search
BT05-0015 Street Racer, Eligos Monster  RR  search
BT05-0109 Striking with the Back of My Sword! Spell  search
BT05-0002 Super Armordragon, Drum Breaker Dragon Monster  RRR  search
BT05-0002s Super Armordragon, Drum Breaker Dragon Monster  SP  search
BT05-0001 Super Armordragon, General Boldness Monster  RRR  search
BT05-0001s Super Armordragon, General Boldness Monster  SP  search
BT05-0006 Super Lethal Formation Impact  RRR  search
BT05-0006s Super Lethal Formation Impact  SP  search
BT05-0120 Thirsting Creature, Zanzara Monster  search
BT05-0014 Tomahawk Dragon Monster  RR  search
BT05-0020 Treachery, Jakikarasu Monster  RR  search
BT05-0059 Twin Brudes Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0056 Ultimate Sword Dragon Monster  search
BT05-0122 Unfulfilled Desire, Greedy Beak Monster  search
BT05-0003 Venom Harpe Dragon Monster  RRR  search
BT05-0064 Warrior, Halphas Monster  search
BT05-0069 Water Technique, Minawagakushi Spell  search
BT05-0111 Water Technique, Shinotsukuame Spell  search
BT05-0017 White Dragon Hermit, Nanase Monster  RR  search
BT05-0017s White Dragon Hermit, Nanase Monster  SP  search
BT05-0026 Zweihander Dragon Monster  search
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