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Ugin's Fate Promos

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Ugin's Fate Promos: 26 cards
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96P Ainok Tracker [Alternate Art] Creature  search
216P Altar of the Brood [Alternate Art] Artifact  search
123P Arashin War Beast [Alternate Art] Creature  search
97P Arc Lightning [Alternate Art] Sorcery  search
217P Briber's Purse [Alternate Art] Artifact  search
68P Debilitating Injury [Alternate Art] Enchantment  search
131P Dragonscale Boon [Alternate Art] Instant  search
98P Fierce Invocation [Alternate Art] Sorcery  search
129P Formless Nurturing [Alternate Art] Sorcery  search
220P Ghostfire Blade [Alternate Art] Artifact  search
73P Grim Haruspex [Alternate Art] Creature  search
161P Hewed Stone Retainers [Alternate Art] Artifact Creature  search
113P Jeering Instigator [Alternate Art] Creature  search
36P Jeskai Infiltrator [Alternate Art] Creature  search
19P Mastery of the Unseen [Alternate Art] Enchantment  search
48P Mystic of the Hidden Way [Alternate Art] Creature  search
46P Reality Shift [Alternate Art] Instant  search
88P Ruthless Ripper [Alternate Art] Creature  search
24P Smite the Monstrous [Alternate Art] Instant  search
26P Soul Summons [Alternate Art] Sorcery  search
85P Sultai Emissary [Alternate Art] Creature  search
164P Ugin's Construct [Alternate Art] Artifact Creature  search
1P Ugin, the Spirit Dragon [Alternate Art] Planeswalker  search
30P Watcher of the Roost [Alternate Art] Creature  search
146P Wildcall [Alternate Art] Sorcery  search
59P Write into Being [Alternate Art] Sorcery  search
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