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Starter Deck Vol.5

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Starter Deck Vol.5: 21 cards
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C10-006 Absconding Maine Coon Z/X  search
C10-014 Assassin's Dagger of Abyss, Flame Corpse Z/X  UC  search
C10-018 Chewing Vise Z/X  UC  search
C10-005 Chindon'ya Ragamuffin Z/X  search
C10-003 Confined Loner, Solitus Z/X  SR  search
C10-008 Decembre the December Z/X  search
C10-016 Devil of Blade, Lamina Z/X  search
C10-015 Devil of Forfeiture, Perdere Z/X  UC  search
C10-020 Devil of Ruins, Ruina Z/X  UC  search
C10-013 Devil of Solitude, Solitus Z/X  search
C10-017 Girl of Illusion Path, Alice Z/X  search
C10-004 Holy Beast, Aura Barong Z/X  UC  search
C10-010 Holy Beast, Aura Gurangatch Z/X  search
C10-009 Holy Beast, Aura Yeti Z/X  PR  search
C10-002 Knight of Salvation, Sir Garmatha Z/X  SR  search
C10-007 Lawbringer, Dhaulagiri Z/X  search
C10-011 Marteau the Light Hammer Z/X  UC  search
C10-001 Misaki Yuzuriha Player  SR  search
C10-012 Punishment Cross Event  search
C10-021 Revenant, Ebony Clown Z/X  UC  search
C10-019 Wrapping Around, Hanging Z/X  search
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