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Starter Deck Vol.6

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Starter Deck Vol.6: 21 cards
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C11-020 Ability Faction Closer, Windmill Z/X  search
C11-018 Aiming to Hit Snap Shooter Z/X  UC  search
C11-009 Battleship, Albireo Z/X  UC  search
C11-017 Chopping Vorpal Scythe Z/X  search
C11-021 Dark Bishop, Skeletal Bishop Z/X  UC  search
C11-003 Dark Princess of Atonement, Luxuria Z/X  SR  search
C11-013 Devil of Abyss, Abysso Z/X  UC  search
C11-008 Elegant Stage Princess, Mary Z/X  search
C11-006 Erasure Machine, Void Z/X  search
C11-005 Evaporation Machine, Evaporation Z/X  UC  search
C11-002 Maximum Regalia, Lawrencium Z/X  SR  search
C11-007 Mirage Dagger, Bellatrix Z/X  search
C11-014 Playful Road Roller Z/X  search
C11-001 Reia Sento Player  SR  search
C11-016 Rolling Clock Gear Z/X  UC  search
C11-012 Secret Plan Event  UC  search
C11-019 Silent Knight, Criminal Chain Z/X  UC  search
C11-010 Star String Princess, Olivier Z/X  PR  search
C11-004 Steel Castle, Technetium Z/X  search
C11-011 Transformed Game Center, Rubidium Z/X  UC  search
C11-015 Wailing Girl, Banshee Z/X  search
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