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Starter Deck Vol.7

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Starter Deck Vol.7: 23 cards
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C12-023 Air Master Union, Cobalt Z/X  UC  search
C12-006 Apprentice Blacksmith, Kodachi Z/X  search
C12-021 Battle Hero, Gruid Z/X  search
C12-012 Blazing Battle Maiden, Brunhild Z/X  search
C12-017 Bombarding Machine, Bombardment Z/X  search
C12-004 Crimson Fang, Ruby Howl Z/X  PR  search
C12-013 Crystal Blow Event  UC  search
C12-002 Detonating Fang Dragon, Oreichalkos Tyranno Z/X  SR  search
C12-009 Female Pirate, Anne Bonny Z/X  search
C12-008 Female Pirate, Mary Read Z/X  UC  search
C12-005 Gloves Craftsman, Gauntlet Z/X  search
C12-011 Goddess of Wisdom, Minerva Z/X  UC  search
C12-015 Ice Blast, Sadr Z/X  UC  search
C12-007 Iron Pyrite, Pyrite Tortoise Z/X  UC  search
C12-016 Lovely Weibel Z/X  search
C12-022 Megaton Fist, Mizar Z/X  UC  search
C12-001 Sera Kurashiki Player  SR  search
C12-014 Slash Claw, Dubhe Z/X  UC  search
C12-010 Symbol of New Cycle, Varaha Z/X  UC  search
C12-019 Trainee, Nonno Z/X  UC  search
C12-020 Transformed Gladius, Molybdenum Z/X  UC  search
C12-003 XI Flags, Ludwig Z/X  SR  search
C12-018 ι-C193Oph1622A Z/X  search
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