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H Trial Deck 3: Dragonic Star

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H Trial Deck 3: Dragonic Star: 21 cards
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HTD01-0005 Child Star, Astrojet Monster  search
HTD01-0001 Cosmo Strada, Galaxias Monster  search
HTD01-0001r Cosmo Strada, Galaxias Monster  RR  search
HTD01-0002 Demonblaze, Maxwell Monster  search
HTD01-0006 Dragonarms, Cavalier Monster  search
HTD01-0006r Dragonarms, Cavalier Monster  RR  search
HTD01-0009 Dragonarms, Divisigator Monster  search
HTD01-0007 Dragonarms, Vogel Monster  search
HTD01-0017 Photon Edge Universe! Impact  search
HTD01-0017r Photon Edge Universe! Impact  RR  search
HTD01-0016 Photon Saber, Meteor Item  search
HTD01-0011 Planet Memory Spell  search
HTD01-0014 Proto Barrier Spell  search
HTD01-0004 Rainbow Vision, Shadowscare Monster  search
HTD01-0013 Shining Rain Spell  search
HTD01-0012 Speculight Ring Spell  search
HTD01-0010 Star Blast Spell  search
HTD01-0018 Star Dragon World Flag  search
HTD01-0015 Star Saber, Reflection Item  search
HTD01-0003 Stardust, Globule Monster  search
HTD01-0008 The Crater, Basin Monster  search
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